Hold on to it, it’s a buffalo of your land


You as a society don’t need to cry at all. I am talking to you South Sudanese. You never make any leader. You leave even intelligently potential people that you could upgrade within just a matter of six months, to struggle alone in life in order to reach the top. Inside your heart of hearts, you know that such individuals are diehards who may one day make it in life, but you don’t bother to contribute or even give any advice that may propel them to a higher level. If any of them tries to talk politics which happens to be our main headache in our current times, you begin to hate and curse such a person and you struggle so hard to stain her name and make her fail. If they try to succeed in any business, you give them (or influence them to value) a lot and a lot of wives (in case they are men) in order to drain them of their hard-earned money. You were supposed to reject their polygamous lifestyles and advise them to build the community so that their wealth can multiply and help other people too.

Now, such guys with leadership qualities never want to rule anyone. This is because inside them, they have reached an understanding that ruling another human being is ugly and intimidating. What they love to do instead, is to inspire others so that everyone may understand that they are leaders themselves too. Such individuals don’t like to argue so much too. Therefore they will leave politics and divert their attention to other things. They will leave your society and enter the society in their brains where they will help only their loved ones and you will be there envying the cornerstone you builders once rejected.

In such a vacuum, since nature abhors a vacuum, some loud-mouthed, intolerant, dictatorial and arrogant guys who don’t give a damn about anything, will strive to occupy your vacant leadership positions. They are very very hungry for power and they will therefore do anything to reach the top, even if it may mean cutting of throats or castrating men. When such people reach the top, you, our society, begin to cry. You don’t need to cry. As Swahili and Dinka say, ‘Jibambe tu! Ee Anyar e rongdun.’ Translated loosely as, ‘Hold on to it, it’s a buffalo of your land.’

“Angootic, wet angootic! Wet akec guo tuoom! Duoke go dhiaau, wet angootic!…” (Akut e Kuei) Eagle’s Band

©️Jokmagai e Dengadiit

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