My little cousin who we left inside our apartment heard the door being knocked very unusually. When he looked through the peephole, he could count more than eight of young men looking through the same peephole. He thought there were more. He was alone in the apartment. He thought it won’t be a great idea to open the door. He then called us to inform us of the unfolding. We left for walk early. When we arrive we found several people standing outside our door.

We asked them what was the matter? They said that they are suspecting that in our apartment there is an Egyptian girl. We denied their false claims because it was not true. There was no any girl in our apartment. They didn’t believe us and insisted of inspecting our apartment. Why would they? They didn’t have any right to do that. But because they were Egyptians they thought it was in their duty to enter our apartment with that impunity. We stood our ground.

Their argument was that we are invaders. That we are invading their culture and destroying it altogether. We were not meeting their standards of being immigrants. For instance we were expected to greet every Egyptian that we found on street and if we don’t we are classified as being rude.

That it is upon us to do just that. Foreigners are required to do that, they argued. We said that is not possible. How could that be? It was like greeting all Egyptians, on the street will somehow grantee our security. Greeting all Egyptians is our permit for being in their country. That is what these men hinted. Not only it is impossible and illogical, but it is inhumane and incriminating.

We then decided to call the landlord who in return tried to call the police. But before he could do that they called their cousin who is a police officer himself. They then told us: “if you think that police can help you in anything wait until the police arrive’. ‘The police will side with us and not with people like you.’ ‘We can assure you that the police will stand with us.” They were right. When the police came there was no doubt in our minds. The police indeed blame us for whatever was taken place.

The argument went on and one for four hours. In the end we had to pay them money so that they could leave us alone. We also paid the police for answering our call.

South Sudanese are being bullied and abused in Egypt. This is just a tiny but not isolated incident. Abuses like this one take place everyday in Cairo and other Egyptians cities. Everyone who is living in Egypt can surely attested to it.

Egypt has become a weird place to live, especially for South Sudanese. Everyday people are killed and their bodies dumped on street. Many of these bodies, if not all of them are found without vital organs, kidneys, livers, and even hearts. What in the world going on in Egypt?

Narrated by MMD

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