We are still on Christmas. Some believe Jesus was born today, some believe Jesus wasn’t born today and some believe Jesus was never born.

The bible is the only book which can be read by two people, with each coming with their own interpretations, which conflicts with that of the other reader

Infact the bible can be interpreted to justify and or condemn anything, including murder

The milion dollar paradox is that despite people celebrating the birth of Jesus, they do it by engaging in what the same book condemns, and classifies as sin. They can’t choose one side as stick to it

Jesus was born today. You either believe it or you don’t. If you don’t, please do not fill our timelines with long essays. 😂..some of us just wanted this holiday.

Away from that but still on Christmas, I observed yesterday and today in Nimule that there should be a set of rules governing the roads. Pedestrians have been waiting by the roadside for vehicles to pass before crossing for long, but today it is the other way round

Most pedestrians have their vision and sense of judgment impaired by waragi and so drivers must stop to let them pass, before proceeding. Every spot on the road is today a zebra crossing

A few sober pedestrians must also be on the look out near roads because some cars are on autopilot, looking for their way home, as the drivers snooze and drool behind the wheels, from excess intoxication

That alcoblow thing should be everywhere and bangiblow should also be introduced for village bodaboda guys high on cannabis who force their aging Chinese motorbikes to leave ground and fly in the skies

Some other pedestrians are crossing the road in pairs of opposite sex, while holding each other very tightly, in a way likely to suggest they are looking for a manger. The government should consider erecting a “beware, couples crossing the road romantically” road sign, at specific points to take care of this lot, because Christmas must be marked in every way, both vertically and horizontally

My village mates also have a hard time trying to ape Jubians who have landed with a bang and taken over Nimule. Some are crossing to Elegu (Uganda border), while dressed in a bikini etc and the peasants of the village have been reduced to mere spectators, peeping from the photos perimeter

They can’t join in because to a peasant, even the knees are private parts, which must never be exposed in public. A peasant will never undress in public even at gunpoint. He only does that when he wants to take a bath which happens very irregularly

For horizontal engineering, he only ejects the participating appendages

Lastly, now that we’ve touched on undresing in public, I am yet to find an answer why a man will comfortably undress before his wife and why he can also comfortably do so before a doctor, but cannot dare undress before both and one has to move out

Seems it is wrong for two people to look at one naked person at one go

Merry christmas my peasants!!

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