By Zalson Khor

As President Kiir and Dr. Riek ready to tango, half-witted deers caught in the headlamps finally thought it was an opportunity to stretch legs in Nyokuron Cultural Centre in Juba.

So, the ACRISS-18 Wasn’t a bad deal after all, it turned out. Yet this recent developments confirmed what many of us long suspected…these clueless leaders behave like petulant children. When things don’t go their way, the throw temper tendrum.

Wait a minute! Only Yesterday, we were told this is a sellout, a faustain Bargain, a betrayal etc, remember?. In fact an admission of the facts the peace is working would be fine, its the least of demands. Alas, no. We are told there is something wrong with the fish again. If people can blighly disregard this peace as such, one wonders where else are they prepare to take this country.

It would take way too much space to mock the irony for these self-professed leaders that relented and lastly climbed on board. And if I’m to sum it up, all this unnecessary arm-twisting was but a shame.

Quite a number of theories have come clear of late: one reason for this eleventh hour great rush is that the money siphoned from South Sudan died up. An helping hand is tired. The fearless Facebook troops and wonderful twitter worriors have other things to do or nooo,
the looming prospect of being irrelevant in country’s political discourse, no less.
Honey, run a counterproof and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Anyhow, while others have just woken up, It was ostensibly obvious from the get go that the chefs who prepared for us this menu had strictly little to offer, but unpleasantly a ‘born fish’ that they served and are saying in the best spin of the situation…take it or leave it the worst.

Merry Christmas & Happy Brand New Year

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