Fifth December

By Alith Cyer Mayar Cyerdit

It’s a day all South Sudanese should give a moment of silence and pray for peace, for our brethren who had importance in our lives as we appreciate them and vow for the incident never to repeat itself again. A day every tribe is to show respect to the other tribes and cry out their inner pain. It’s when we all need to sit together and express all we have as South Sudanese not different tribes mourning alone, for us to know how we feel, think and what we see through a dialogue in order to have a sustainable reconciliation. It’s a day we need to honor but not hate, let the day not affect our minds with trauma because it could just destroy us without building South Sudan for the younger generation.

It was a war by South Sudanese, South Sudanese died and same South Sudanese were hurt and same South Sudanese will forgive each other as they look into a future together. It had been a dark day and month but that doesn’t mean the sun has to be blocked to lighten our hearts, it doesn’t mean the sun has to stop shining in our lives.

As South Sudanese, the majority were born to people crying and ended up crying; we got disappointed as Sudanese and still live the desperation after owning our own home, South Sudanese. Will the crying, complain, disappointments and hurts end if we don’t cry and laugh together? Let it be remembered not to be repeated. The division and scattering is doing nothing other than breaking us and giving the enemy a way to lot and destroy us. Our past should not dictate our present. Let’s coexist and not create fear in the young ones that see us cling to a sad past, let’s not be divided for political agendas.

The beautiful villages glitter no more and lost their unique beauty to our wars, sorrows and the clinging to the past more than we do to the present hence blocking our thoughts of a beautiful South Sudan. Our heroes and heroines must be wishing they could talk to us about the importance of unity and love for a better South Sudan. Why not look at the bigger picture, why not see how it never happens again, why not remember them as South Sudan heroes and heroines and be the South Sudanese they wished to see us become?

As a family, if a brother or brothers hurt us more than we could expect, we still live as a family, we sit down to express ourselves, forgive each other and move together. Why can’t we live in peace for our people to rest in peace? Dear South Sudanese let’s rebuild and restore as we refer to the incident as a need for change.

Acknowledge what happened and plan for the South Sudan we want. Let’s be humane to our fellow humans and share the values and lessons learnt from the incident. Let pain not divide us but bring us together for peace and reconciliation, let’s build a better South Sudan for the coming generations. Let’s look at the present and future of South Sudan because South Sudan is bigger than the attrocites we went through.

By: Alith Cyer Mayar Cyerdit

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