I have never heard of a Country where Security Advisor to the President of one Country conducting a public marriage in another Country: the case of Tut Kew

By Deng Chapath

Recently, Tut Kew, the Security Advisor to the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir Mayardit, conducted public marriage in Sudanese capital, Khartoum.
The marriage was attended by many dignitaries from both Country: Sudan and South Sudan. In that marriage, President Bashir appeared to be the guest of honor.
The interest of this article is not to explain why President Bashir was the guest of honor during that marriage but it is about the reasons why Tut Kew did not get married in the capital city of South Sudan and then invited the government officials from Khartoum to attend.

The way that marriage was conducted shows that Tut Kew has strong allegiance to Khartoum.

I have never heard of a Country where the Security Advisor to the President of one country getting marriage under the guidance of another government of another Country.

Tut Kew being a Security Advisor to the President of South Sudan and the most trusted was supposed to get married in South Sudan and invited the president to be guest of honor during the marriage.

Some people who will read this article may attack me that there is nothing wrong of one person getting married in another country. The person who reasons like that lacks critical analysis.

If marriage of Tut was private matter, it wouldn’t have been aired live in Sudanese TV as it is not important to the Sudanese audience.

Tut Kew is a Security Advisor of South Sudan which means that he has all the information concerning South Sudan Security.

By him being closely connected to Khartoum raises a lot of questions. Some of the questions are:

how safe our Country is from Khartoum? Is Tut Kew not an agent of Khartoum? Why did Tut Kew decide to get married in Sudan and invited South Sudanese government officials instead of the other way round?

There are many questions raised by marriage of Tut Kew in Khartoum. It is in fact political marriage intended to achieve a certain hidden agenda.

Ordinarily, Tut Kew being a government official, he was supposed to get married in South Sudan and then went on honeymoon in Khartoum not the other way.

The way many South Sudanese taking the issues of Security leaves much to desired. Unless we learn that the survival of the nation is Security, South Sudan will never be in peace.

One of the reasons South Sudan United Front-SSUF took up arms against the government is to protect the secrets of South Sudan from being given away to other countries as a way of showing personal allegiance by individual.

In general, Tut Kew getting married in the Capital of another Country which became an Affair of that country is a betrayal of South Sudan.

Marriage of Tut Kew in Khartoum means that he does not trust South Sudan and her people as well as he is agent of Khartoum in South Sudan as proved by his previous connections with Khartoum.

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