By Akut Francis

If you want to get dizzy, try this – The government bought land from the government without telling the government that the land already belonged to the government! So now the government has to try and find where the money it paid to the government disappeared to, using government agencies (NSS, IS, CID, MI and “banydït ka alop”) to track accounts in banks that operate under tight government regulations.

Meanwhile at the Ministry of “Public Opinion” (POP), the government through the Minister condemned (with strongest terms possible) the manner in which the government goes arresting people at night and during weekends; and that the government must be humane when harrassing or arresting government officials who have stolen from the government.

And before you could blink – The government sent top government officials to Bentiu, Bor, Malakal and Juba to go and condemn the manner in which the government has ‘successfully’ failed to repatriate people citizens evicted from their homes by the government (conflict). The government therefore angrily stated that the government will no longer be allowed to treat its citizens like animals, and that at no time had the government authorised the government to evict people. It will happen over the government’s dead body.

The government then re-donated the donated alleged plastic rice to help rebuild some of the downtrodden MP(igs) in shanties ‘economically destroyed’ by the government in the government. Meanwhile, the government is investigating government sugar firms for using government import licences to bring in sugar laced with poison. The government is also investigating government quality control and customs wings to find out how the government allowed the government to bring in poisoned sugar using the government’s permits and other licences issued only by the government.
And this weekend, the government will be in many political rallies and funerals declaring that the government crackdown on corruption is aimed at bringing down the government so that someone can take over the government. The government will be warning the government to be careful with this government push against corruption.

If you are already dizzy – We in government can’t even tell which government we are in! The one investigating or being investigated, evicting or being evicted, importing sugar or consuming it, the left or the right….heck! We can hardly even say for certain whether our MP(igs) are this side or the other. Whatever the government thinks it is running in these shores, this is pure madness!

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