Symbolically, by raising the booklet marked with the Sudan National Emblem in the name of our Peace, we surely feel surrendered back to Khartoum?

By Juol Nhomngek

We have lost the country. What make a country a country are not there. We do not have the national army and strong judicial system. Arabic has become the national and official language yet the law prohibites the use of it.

We fought the war to establish our own system which is South Sudanese but the same Sudan system is operating. Like or worse than Sudan, it is only national security which is functioning in South Sudan.

The former SPLA, which is national army has been discarded in favor of national security services. The national army spends several months without salaries while the money is following without interruption to the national security.

The national army has been disregarded because the leadership sees it to have no use since there are no borders to be protected. Khartoum has taken our borders and resources.

Our leaders are more concerned with power. The SPLM as a party is not there as the former persecutors have now become the ones running the state affairs.

The law of Jesus is now operating in South Sudan. The former prosecutors are now the administrators of the SPLM Party and the whole country.

The president has betrayed our people who died in the liberation of South Sudan. Some of the people now leading the SPLM Party were those who operated with Sudan security services to kill the SPLA soldiers during the war.

The widows and the orphans of those they killed are now begging on the streets while those who killed their husbands or fathers for the cause of South Sudan are now running the nation that they tried to destroy before it was born.

The blood of our people who were killed during the war will one day ask the president for betraying them and collaborated with the group of former persecutors of the SPLA/M.

Dinka people died in large numbers fighting for the country but they are now begging on the streets in large numbers.

The land and other resources from Equatoria have been grabbed by the masqueraders who pretend to be liberators. The Nuer Community has been destroyed defending the interests of individuals.

South Sudanese are dying every day in different parts of the country but their deaths are not considered as matter of National concern because the president and others in power have only power and resources and everything does not matter much to them.

Peace in Juba is celebrated as if it is peace in the whole country because what matters is peace in Juba.

The oppositions are too weak to direct the government even if thousands of South Sudanese died in supporting them. This is because the oppositions only need power.

The power becomes the ultimate aim of the oppositions and they don’t want to lose an opportunity when the power appears.

Citizens in Kapoeta and Boma are losing their valuable gold and other minerals to the government dealers who disguise themselves in the government officials.

The citizens of South Sudan in oil areas are extremely affected by oil spills and are likely to extinct but the government officials in the highest positions in the government own the oil companies so they conspire with oil firms to bury the negative impact of oil under the cover of State secrecy.

Our children in cattle keeping communities are wasting away in illiteracy.

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