Between Taban And Gatdet, Who Apologizes To Who?

By Marial Wen Deng

In the build up to the second all out war in 2016, when Mr. Machar fled the capital and went into the bushes of Western Equatoria, and Gatnyakek Mr. Taban had a successful indirect coup Mr. Gatdet was left fuming over the event he and his long time master will live to remember, left Machar leaking his lips to date.

A decree dismissing Taban from the politico-bureau and SPLA-IO surfaced from the party’s chairman but allegedly said to have been drafted by Gatdet. Gatnyakek’s camp argued that Machar was on the run, out of news and network and that there was no way he could write decrees, so who dismissed Taban?
A few weeks later Kenyan general who was in charged of the UNMISS was fired by the secretary general over an accusations that he didn’t act enough to save civilians who got killed in the POC, Gatdet was quick to add his opinion to that of UNSC’s decision. An opinion that nearly cost his life if President wasn’t merciful
Amidst all these dramatic event, it didn’t leave Machar’s camp from pinpointing Taban as the mastermind.

Taban is arguably one of the true political prostitudes of South Sudan and who knows what politics is, always the winner at any cost,calculates his moves with the end resuts in mind

So, who apologized to who?

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