THE NYALONG’S CASE: Making education attractive to girls

By Manyang David Mayar

How can one convince young girls in Nyanlong’s village to go to school when girls are born again in marriage and move away from poverty to riches in a fracture of an eye blink.

For the past 17 years, Nyanlong was just a village girl, moving barefooted and fetching water on her head. She eat food that she personally pounded and was living in a small hut with a thatched grass roof and dusty floor. But just within a month all that has changed.

She got her barefoot smoothened and she stepped on expensive bridal shoes as she put on a white wedding gown with her hair and neck glittering with golds.

That is because a few months ago, a man in suit with money travelled through cities, towns and villages to propose to her and she said yes.

That simple word has moved her out of the thatch-roof to sealed roof and tiled floor in the concrete house. What does this teach Nyanlong peers. It is all about getting a man like Kok for a husband.

And for many years to come, Nyanlong will remain a role model that many young girls in her village will look up to. Instead of tormenting themselves with daily early wake ups and walking to school, Nyanlong’s marriage will continue to inspire them to remain at home, pretend to be nice and hardworking while hoping one day, they will be married to wealthy men in the town and then they will move away from the poverty of the village.

This is what has been keeping thousands of our girls at home. Men have made marriage attractive to girls and girls think like there is no need for them to go school as they settle down to this lie: ‘Thukulda a get monydie’ roughly translated as ‘our school is being attended by my husband to-be. And men have proven them right.

A young man come all the way from America or abroad to marry a village girl and take her abroad, Nairobi or Kampala. Some men who marry from within the country adorn their wives with golden jewelleries and showet with clothes and money and make them live in nice homes in East Africa while the men continue to take full responsibility of the family needs; feeding, clothing, medication etc without any compliant at all.

In such an environment where marriage is booming and seen as a quick easy way to get to heaven, how can you convince a young girl that education is still the best. If there is something that will ever attract them into education, it is the testimonies of the benefits of girls education from educated girls.

So my dear educated ladies, make education attractive and inspire thousands of our young girls to go to school and continue their education.

It is education and only education that will deliver women from the slavery of men and will take away most of the gender based violence. Because when they are educated, they will be able to work and have your own money rather than lying on the man for everything (Ker raan de, acin a mook kou piaat).



Avoid future suicide by going to school now.

When I posted about girls’ education some hours ago, some of my friends rushed to condemn some of the manners found among educated girls such as deciding to stay alone with children and her kids.

I tell you brothers, this lady hanged herself early today and leaving a one month old baby. Even though it is not clear why she decided to kill herself and leave her small baby behind, I am sure it is something connected with how a man has treated her.

If she was educated, I am sure she would have stand her ground, leave the man alone and care for her baby. We must take our daughters to school. Education is the solution to our ladies problems. Not a man and not suicide.

Well wishers must take the lead to take care of the baby and make sure she is educated.

RIP Poor Mother

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