NEW NEWS: South Sudan’s Most Expensive Teenager Given Away At The Highest Bidder!

By Alith Panther Duany

The most contested marriage of the year has just ended with Ruben Kok Alat aka. Ahooc-thon as a winner.
Earlier last month a story of the prettiest girl being asked for hand in marriage, by one of the richest tycoons of Bor and Awerial respectively went viral on social media. This story received both negative and positive reactions from many South Sudanese around the globe. Some viewed it as a kind of gender violence. Many people were using harsh words like commoditization of human beings (women) whereas; some people saw it as something normal as; it was not against the cultures and norms that govern marriage of both Dinka Aliap and Dinka Bor. It was rather seen as kind of wealth sharing through marriage as all those suitors are financially well-off.The story has been of interest to many people and for this reason, I have decided to sacrifice my time to let those who are eager to hear how the story ended get the full information. I hereby do present to you the facts which will cover the short biographies of Aluet (aka. Nyaloong) Ngong Deng Jalang, Mayom Riak and Rueben Kok Alat (aka. Ahooc-thon) not forgetting the guy who dramatically withdrew and started supporting Kok Alat claiming that he was only doing it to let his name be known as someone who competed with Kok and Hon David Mayom Riak. He is the guy who has made this particular marriage more interesting by his unique approach of bidding. This is the guy whose number of male cows was almost the same with number of female cows. He is called Mawut Agorook Chapa. one of the famous wrestlers of his clan.

The Biography of Aluet Ngong Deng Jalang

Aluet Ngong Deng jalang is South Sudanese by Nationality; she is from Aliab- Bulook Community, Roljuba clan. She was born in the small village of Kalthok, Awerial South County. She was born in May /2001. She grew up from her sister’s home in Bor. Her parents are Ngong Deng Jalang and Ajer Nyabon. Ajer Nyabon (her mother) is from Aliab , Biiri ke Akueei (Thiaang).she has total of six children of which five were girls and one boy as a last born. Both her parents were not conversant thus they tried their best to raise up their children from the little they earned through cultivation and keeping cattle. They couldn’t send their kids to school simply because there were hardly any schools in their remote area. In the year 2017 the unfortunate death of Ngong Deeng Jalang occurred. It was very unfortunate for his big family as he was the only sole provider of the family. He was a polygamous man,his wives reaching to 12 in number, of which four of his wives are from Bor, 7 from Aliab and 1 from Thany ke NgokNyang. The fact that Ngong Deng Jalang was a polygamous man will not make it hard for his Daughter Aluet to get married to a man with many wives since it will not be a new thing to her. Ngong Deng Jalang has also been an instrumental leader of his community. He was given a title of the chief of his clan; his major role was to settle the major disputes concerning land, cattle and marriages (divorce and adultery).Ngong Deeng was also joined Anyanya one and SPLA/M koryom as a soldier in 1983 and became MP of Belok section of Aliab to Lake State from 2005-2010. .so Edward Ngong Deeng Jalang has not been a chief only his son sultan Deng Rom has a chief since nineties upto date .


ography of Hon David Mayom Riak
David Mayom Riak is a South Sudanese politician who was born around 1960s. he comes from Awerial South County with his clan being Achook bolook ke Guar. Mayom joined politics as early as 2007 when he was appointed as the commissioner of formerly Awerial County where he served for almost 5 years. During his time in office Mayom Riak performed his work brilliantly eventually becoming so famous among many citizens of Awerial, he was a brilliant young man who served his community with fairness and transparency. He was later appointed as the Eastern Lake state deputy governor a post which he is currently holding.he worked as a minister of Local Government and enforcement agents. Mayom is also a polygamous man with 6 wives. He also intermarried with Bor of which 2 of his wives are from Bor. Mayom is one of the wealthiest men in Awerial County he bided for 380 cows and was assisted by some of his friends of which, Mangany luk Lueth Bathou assured him of 25 cows, Deng Athorbei Apaar as well assured him of 50 cows , Chol Deng Achinkoch and Ahoc- laat makeer also made contributions. However his chances of winning were minimised by the fact that what he gave was only a fraction of what his competitor who threatened to give two of his storey buildings to the family of the bride should he proceed.

Background of Ahooc-thon Aka, Ruben Kok Alat.
Hoc-Kok Alat is a well known Businessman all over South Sudan. He was born in 1960s; in Makol Cuei Village. He is from Biong Ke Lual-Kur. Kok started his business as early as 1990s when he was a young man. Being a determined and energetic young man, he did not misuse his youthful age chasing after girls and engaging in useless activities but he instead invested much of his time into his little business. He travelled barefooted all over the region of Equatoria, mainly dealing in selling cattle a kind of business known as Magendaw. One day while moving with his cattle in Equatoria Region, Kok encountered some hungry SPLA soldiers who wanted to launch an assault but did not have any logistical support, he voluntarily gave them 10 bulls and told them that his wealth means nothing without a country or homeland and that it was his duty as a citizen to support his brothers who were fighting for the rights of everyone. Unlike other corrupt guys in the country, what Kok has is purely from his sweat and he deserves anything good so long as it is not through dishonest means. He never worked in the government because most of his time is dedicated to his business and welfare of his community. Kok has contributed greatly to the development of many business sectors both in his state and south Sudan. He is the owner of Liberty commercial bank and owns ‘the biggest shopping mall in Bor town, Aka Amara Kok Alat.’ He is also a supporter of girl child education proven by the fact that he built a primary school in his home town (to promote education). Furthermore, he built one of the largest churches as well as a hospital in his town. Kok is not only known in Bor for his expensive marriages but also for his great achievements that no one in the history of Jonglei state has ever made. He is also a generous man who usually assists people who need his assistance. His achievements can produce a full novel. Kok is a polygamous man with 8 Wives. He also intermarried of which one of his wives (Aluet) is from Aliab . Kok ,during the marriage,was assisted by his friends of which ; Madiit Makeer Guum has 25 cows, Adurhok Nok ( kuol Bol Ayom) and others have also made their promises. The total assurance of kok is 600cows , One big bus , one land cruiser, one motor cycle ( honda), One grinding Machine (Tawuna) , 200 Techno phones , 250 umbrellas(for women) 150 chairs and 150 mattresses(‘mataba’) . Kok Alat oyee!!! What an expensive marriage, I have ever seen! . It is not a surprise to Bour as Reuben Kok has usually married expensively.
Attention! Attention! Attention!
Well this could have gotten you thinking , ‘why all this’?, ‘is this really necessary’? And so on and so forth . The prime purpose of this was to let the interested people especially from Australia, USA, Canada and other colleagues abroad know about how the historical , first of its kind, marriage competition ended. And also have a bit of a glimpse of the people involved.
Personally,I was not on anybody’s side ; neither Kok’s nor Mayom’s as far as the whole thing was concerned so my work was to provide information about the whole marriage ceremony as a close relative to Mayom( my uncle) and Kok( my payam-mate ). Lastly, people of Bor are warming up to have a big dance in BOR . SO The none dancers should be preparing from now.
‘’Nurturing is the Best’’ By: Big brother Alith Panther Duany.

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