Press Statement:

Subject: Aprreciating the Goverment of South Sudan, SPLM-IO and the Public for the Release of Cde James Gatdet Dak

Date: November 02, 2018

Bible Ecclesiastes 3:8 says: There is a time for sadness and happiness.

Today your son, brother, comrade and fellow South Sudanese, James Gatdet Dak Lampuar has been released from detention by the announcement from president Salva Kiir Mayerdit on the October 31st, 2018.

As a result, the family of Cde James Gatdet Dak; is indeed indebted to thank H.E: President Salva Kiir Mayerdit for giving peace a chance by showing this sign of good gesture.

Therefore, let all South Sudanese across the globe emulate this exemplanery spirit to collectively work towards peace, reconcile and put aside personal grudges the war might have inflicted upon them one way the other.

The family of Cde James Gatdet Dak , is very thankful to SPLM-IO and particularly H.E: Dr. Riek Machar Teny-Dhurgon for bravely proven to the world that South Sudan is bigger than one’s interest, thus his tireless effort of taking risk by attending the peace celebration in Juba on the October 31st, 2018 has actually resulted into the immediate release of James Gatdet Dak. A true leader is known from turning negatives perceptions into positive ones!!!

Also the family is indebted to the SPLM-IO (Military Wing), for its their perseverance at the field/ground that makes the regime in Juba to listen to voice of peace…

Notably, the family is very thankful to individuals such as: Uncle Dr. John Gai Yoh, General Hoth Mai Nguth, General John Wiyual Rutkoch, sister Nyachoap Thiang Luony, sister Martha Nyamal Choat and countless relatives, and friends within the goverment of Juba for tirelessly working harder and ensuring James Gatdet Dak was never harmed.

Also the family is very thankful to close relatives and friends within H.E: General Taban Deng’s camp for ensuring that James Gatdet Dak was never harmed…

The family of Cde James Gatdet Dak is also thankful to the entire Faith groups around the world, for their daily prayer is heard and finally their son is released from the den of lions…

The family is also very very grateful to Nuer community, Jikany community, and particularly Jaak-Kerdol and Guang-Kiir Communities respectively for their bold stand, be it morally and materially support towards their son. And this is beyond descriptive but God will reward all of you.

The family is indebted to thank various international players such as: UNHCR, Amnesty International, ICRC, Civil Society Organizations etc… for their positive roles to ensure that James Gatdet Dak was never harmed.

The last but not the least, the family is hereby and happy to inform you that Cde James Gatdet Dak is free at last, and now with his Movement (SPLM-IO) team in Juba led by H.E: Cde Henry Odwar whom with his team are there for peace implementation process.

Finally, the family will organize a grand prayer at the village, and once the date arrived, it will be communicated out…


Paul Tethloach Dak

On behalf of Family.

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