An open letter to President Kiir on the shutdown of Keribino Security Services (KASS) that laid off 4500 innocent citizens;

Dear president;

The consequent laid off of 4500 KASS employees has increased number of oppositions and hatred towards your government up to 1, 000,000 people (I million people) plus Peter Biar supporters and sympathizers.

Before going further, I would like to explained in technical steps why 1,000,000 KASS employees has economic and political profound impact on your leadership;
According to KASS manpower enumeration, each of security personnel receives a monthly income of 300 USD at least. This income is taxable 10% by the government multiply by 300 and divided by 100.

You will get a taxable income of 30 dollar per person multiply by 4500 personnel= 135,000 USD a month multiply by 12c months=1,520,000(one million five hundred and twenty thousand per Annam).

Secondly, this one million five hundred and twenty thousand dollars in terms of GDP has a significant boost in national GDP besides improvement towards cost and living standards of those laid off employees.

On the other hand, full employment is a primary government responsibility but the deliberate laid off of the citizens is a national security threat itself leave alone what was manufactured by the enemies of Keribino Wol.

Lastly, that one million people politically has a profound negative impact on your political survival because politics is all about numbers and I believe you cannot survive without support from these grown up population your leadership has disadvantaged through national security.

On the other hand, NSS DG seemed to be championing growth of foreign firms at the expenses of the national firms like KASS and I think INSIGHT Security services plus VSS will take advantage of that vacuum to dominate the market yet president always blame young people of not doing enough.

Thus, your leadership crackdown on local entrepreneurships development and growth will leave us with no nation to talk about millions of impoverished living in an impoverished nation because at the end the entire national economy will be in the hand of foreigners.

Besides, why should you have set free somebody accused of sabotage and espionage, why not Keribino Wol and Peter Biar who are not national security threats as far as their status are concerned.

Personally, I consider national security policy towards the citizens of South Sudan a national security threats though they pretend to be working for a national interest.

What you need to know is the extent to which the national security leadership has abused the powers at your expenses and innocent citizens that fought for freedom found themselves in a chain similar to what they ran away from everywhere in our country.


By Kanybil Noon

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