Update on today attack in Poktap…

“The Murle criminals have finally been badly defeated! Duk Payuel brave youth have dealt with them with a humiliating defeat to the Murle criminals. Cattle have been recovered. This victory came with losses as well.
JDF medical staff are treating 13 heroes as I write this message. We have unfortunately lost 3 brave youth members from Pabot and Dalla sub-clans including fourth guy from Bor South . The Mule criminals have lost about 10 people . More to come and the number of casualties may increases as the Dinka Nyarweng youth are returning from the Bush.” By Eyewitness (name withheld on request)


By Noble Leek Goi


As South Sudanese are preparing to celebrate peace tomorrow on 31st of October, Murle attacked Poktap at 2PM when it was heavily raining.

The fighting broke out just after 30 minutes footing from Poktap center.

The fighting went on for an hour within the premises of Poktap, with none of the parties retreating.

However, the brave youths of DUK (Nyarweng), slowly defeated attackers until the fighting went as far as Kadiang.

From there, they finally defeated Murle and recovered all the cattle.

Murle incurred more casualties than Duk youths.


30th, October 2018,
Jonglei State – Bor,
Duk County – Payuel.

By Ayom Malual Ayom

Earlier this afternoon, the criminals Cattle raiders who are commonly known to be from neighboring State, Boma Murle by tribe. Attacked Duk Payuel today and fighting erupted for almost 2hours left 5dead bodies and 14 people on serious injuries while some people are still missing. Therefore, The collective youths from Poktap, Padiet, Mareng, & Wernyol have managed to defeat the Murlei and rescued the properties from the hand of Murle Youths. I like to request your prayers for those who are nursing injuries. It was one of ferocious fighting ever!

I strongly condemned this attacks always in all part of Jonglei State, Earlier this month they attacks passengers who were travelling from Bor to Juba left 3dead bodies and the Government of South Sudan was so quite as well as Jonglei State Government.

I would like to express my deepest sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims, as well as to the people of Jonglei State. I also pray to God that He showers His mercy to the deceased and give speedy recovery to those who were injured. This is too sad on my side to hear such terrible news at the end of the Month, I’m so sorry for the deadly incident to you all my People from Duk County!

Extremist elements from Murle Youths who engaged in a cattle raiding use such an attack to undermine South Sudan’s progress towards Peace Celebration which is scheduled to kick off tomorrow Wednesday, 31st October 2018, meanwhile, our backwards criminals from Murle are in deed thinking of fighting while South Sudanese are seriously Looking for Peace in the Country, no no no this should not undermine efforts by the South Sudanese themselves to restore peace and stability to our country.

I urged our leaders to come together and work for the benefit of our country and towards the restoration of the humans dignity through protection of all civilians by Army (SSPDF)!.
These pictures below show the real Life of Murle, Most of them are born to raids cattle!

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