Let’s Do Our Marriages With Purpose Not with Pride!

By Majak Kuany Alier

What if Nyalong Ngong Deng a.k.a Aluet suitors were to compete for building a school, primary health care facility to ask her hand in marriage?

I wish if Kok Alat could have converted his 500 herds of cattle, 3 V8s combined with the sum of unrevealed cash and build Aluet’s hospital for children and women in Awerial County.

I thought Kok as an entrepreneurial lad should compete with soul-touching ideas to woo the heart of the girl even though he’s a total stranger. For someone to have 500 cows to pay as a bride price in Dinka culture, then he must be a rich fellow.

I know rich people for improving lives of others through their sustainable establishments. Why is Kok forgetting to apply sustainability aspect in all the marriages he had. If he intended to better the life of Aluet’s family, then he should do something that will remain permanent not cows that will come and go or die of cattle-related diseases.

God forbid, I am not insinuating that the proposed cattle may die. No! That is not my aim!

I wish Mayom Riak, the current Eastern Lakes State deputy governor to also vie the same thought and build Aluet Nursery and Primary School to improve the education aspect of Aluet’s community for decades to come.

Mayom as one policymaker in the Eastern Lakes State should be much-more community-oriented leader not a mere competitor who doesn’t see the end goal in mind. We all know the defunct Lakes they have mired State communities in the vicious communal fighting cause by cattle-raiding. So why again giving them a hint to the tip of an iceberg?

All Aluet’s suitors have proof to South Sudanese that they can do anything to get her hands in marriage out of her wish.

I suggest let them set another legacy of a healthy and long-lasting solution not only Aluet’s parents, but to the country at large. So that people live to reckon what her youthful life contributed in her peers lives and generations to come.

©Majak Kuany Alier

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