Cattle raid by Agar youth in Gok State

By Juol Nhomngek

It has now been confirmed that four people have been killed and nineteen seriously injured following cattle raid or cattle wrestling in Eastern Gok State, in Abiriu County. Those who were killed plus those who sustained injuries during the raid are all from Gok State.

The report further confirmed that the cattle rustlers came from Western Lakes State, specifically, from Nyang and Pakam sections.

The number of the cattle rustlers who came is reported to be four hundred in total, some of them were armed while others were not.
They came yesterday and attacked Wunkuel cattle camp and took away with about six thousand heads of cattle. However, rest of the cattle were recovered except ninety.

Since the youth of Gok State were all disarmed in accordance with the orders from the President of South Sudan, the cattle raiders or wrestlers found them without any guns.

It was only with the help of the police that made the youth of Gok State recover those cows except those ninety cows out of six thousand heads of cattle.

It is now second time we see the attack against the people of Gok State and their cattle being taken away by the cattle raiders from Western Lakes yet the government of Western Lakes misleads the whole world that the disarmament has been conducted.

The question is, if the disarmament has been conducted properly, then where do those youth from Western Lakes that keeping on raiding cattle from Gok State get those guns from?
As a matter of fact, the real disarmament is what has been done in Gok State as it is proved by the fact that the youth cannot go and raid neighboring states anymore.

It is injustice to disarm citizens to render the youth helplessness and by implications exposed them to danger. It is the government of Gok State to blame for disarming citizens without providing them with alternative source of protection.

It shows the lack of analysis from the government of Gok State in regards to security policies. Before implementing such a policy there is a need for assessment on how it may affect the citizens and come up with a clear policy that takes into account the needs of the subjects.

Whereas I don’t support revenge or reciprocity in cattle raiding, the government of Gok state has a duty to protect citizens and if it cannot then the citizens of Gok State have all rights to rearm in order to provide for their security if both the government of Gok State and the government of South Sudan are not able to protect them.

However, they should not go and raid neighboring communities and any group of people from Gok State which does that should be punished heavily.
In response to those who raise concerns that if youth are rearm will they not again cause insecurity? The answer is simple those who use guns for killing each other on revenge and other causes should be brought to justice and if found guilty then fire squad without mercy respective of the background of the culprits.

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