Nyalong Ngong Deng

By Aftaboss Snoop

This year, the world has two biggest jackpots; the 1.6 billion dollar lottery in USA and a 500-cow and a million-plus dollar bride in Eastern Bahr al Ghazal region of South Sudan. Great news is that both jackpots are still counting and up for grab.

Credible rumours have reached AFTABOSS Snoop Desk this morning that an emissary of Lawrence Lual Malong Yoor Jr., aka, Young Tycoon, arrived at Awerial County yesterday evening (October 25, 2018).

“Listen, we are being blessed again! Young Tycoon’s envoy just arrived by boat from Juba last evening!” Exclaimed our informer caller. “You know what? There is one condition: He began by asking if there is an airstrip in that locality. He added that the Big Man will land on a brand new caravan plane from South Africa, which he will leave behind as part of his ‘thar’ (bride auction pledges) if he is accepted as the winner!”

Indeed, there is no back up confirmation and Lawrence Lual has not yet responded to our inbox inquiries. More updates to this story will follow shortly.

However, it is on record from his last interview with Jonkor of Concern Citizens Live (Facebook) that he promised a house in London or New York for his new bride, any lucky one out there, as the Young Tycoon is very single and now searching. He also claimed in the Jeff Koinange Live (Citizen TV) that his wealth is unstoppable as donated by Jesus. “I get my wealth from Jesus Christ. I am blessed!” The self-declared rich man explained.

Could Aluat Ngong Deng be this jackpot hitter? Not yet known, but what is sure is that Lual Maong Jr.’s latest survey of the Gulyar area is a breaking news to the community but a heart-breaking news to Deputy Governor David Mayom Riek, a 200-cow and plots-of-land candidate.

Lawrence Lual Malong Jr introducing his investors to President Kiir

Most importantly, the Dollar Roller (Young Tycoon) will give ‘Old Tycoon’ Ruben Kok Alat Kok (from Bor) the run for his Liberty Bank money. As Lual dives in imaginary dollars, Kok lives in real SSP cash of Liberty Bank. If Lual pledges an imaginary plane, Kok will put his Subway steamer boat in addition the bus, V8 and others described below. Let’s wait and see what the Aliap folks will choose.

Nevertheless, expectation are that as the parents may go for Kok’s cows, the girl may go for Hon. Mayom’s age and powers as Deputy Governor of Eastern Lakes State (Yirol). There is this first arrival, Mawut Chapa, who has been ‘chapa-ed out’ (a coincidental Kiswahili word for beaten) with his miserable cows.

Unfortunately, it is known that both Mayom and Kok are large polygamists. Mr. Kok, who married every year, is said to be making the 8th wives as Hon. Mayom will clock the 5th wife by this young girl. Bad news to the innocent child awaiting a gang of co-wives to tussle it out with.

As the Social Media and town communities are munching on the exciting news, feminists and woman rights defenders are punching in anger and threatening to disrupt the ‘social auction’; to save the tallest teenager and drag the auctioneers to international courts of rights. Ears on the ground for the hatching of that plan now underway.


Hon. David Mayom Riak and his bride-to-be, Aluat Ngong Deng Jalang


By Alith Panther (Facebook).

The most expensive marriage competition of the century is underway in 2018.

Ahoc-thon Kok Alat vs Mayom Riak vs Mawut Agoorok chaapa on the tallest lady from Aliab-Bulook.

Her name is Aluet Ngong Deng. She is 17 years old. “As I speak now, Ruben kok Alat has assured 400 cows as anhomthon (primaries), one big bus, one land crusher, one grinding mill machine (tawuna) and one motor cycle. On top of that, he further more bought 200 techno smartphones and threw them to those who received him along the way from Kalthok.

The most fascinating thing during his arrival was that he was accompanied by four vehicles full of soldiers. Most people were surprised because the guy has never been an army general. Some villagers were even heard saying that he was one of the newly appointed generals.

Hon. David Mayom Riak, the second in competition, has also assured 200 cows plus some plots of land while Mawut Agorook has also raised 136 heads of cattle. However, one thing that was funny about Mawut’s cattle was that out of 136, sixty were males (mioor) 😂 😂 😂 😂

For me, the most important lessons that we should be learning in this scenario is not that the marriage is made expensive but that every lady have got its prize.

I don’t see it as buying of that lady but an appreciation to her parents for having raised her to be a girl of good manners with a good body shape. Regardless of her illiteracy, she is to be ranked as the most expensive girl of our times.

To those who might think it is morally wrong, I think you better know that those who got plenty have much to give.

Meanwhile there are rumours that Lawrence Lual Malong Yoor Jr. is expected to join the competition. Now, be very afraid!

Watch this space for the events as they unfold in Guol-Yar Angua.


@Alith Panther Duany.

Aluat Ngong with Hon. Adurhoknok (Kuol Bol Ayom) standing in for Kok Alat Kok
Bribe wealth inspection at Minkaman, Awerial.


NB: This news feature was edited for clarity and brevity. AFTABOSS Internet’ional takes no responsibility for the content and authenticity of the opinions expressed here in.

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