Fundraising for Refugee Cases

Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m Mango Alex one among Refugee Leaders in Uganda.

This week has been so challenging to us and here is what happened where we need your support.

*1:* A refugee from DRCONGO by the name of *MARCELIN WANYANGUANGI* was kidnapped on 13th October by peoples alleged to be from the Security Services(CMI) and up to now we do not know whereabout. But shortly his child was also Hospitalized,

*2:* Our Colleague *SARAH BEN* from South Sudan who was one among the Founders of the Refugee Leaders Forum in Uganda died on Thursday night. We need to support the family for the burial and other expenses,

*3:* This a Congolese Refugee woman by the names of *Furaha* died here in Kampala, she has to be buried, ( I can humbly report that we managed to bury Furaha yesterday at Lusazi after a great Mass at Matia Mulumba Parish Old Kampala) but also a Congolese Young boy: *SHANGALUMU BENJAMIN* who has died yesterday here in Kampala, we have also to support his burial.

We have managed to do everything we could at individual capacity but we are now overwhelmed.

We humbly request for your financial support or any other kind of support for us to respond to these issues.

The intention is our efforts to contribute to the solutions, feel free do give what you can.

*Let us be merciful to ask for the recognition of our mercy to our eternal when we are in difficult times*

Kindly send your support to *Joyeux Mugisho*

May God bless you.


Mango Alex

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