It is a sad development that the South Sudan government, after mismanaging the national army, resorted to forcible conscription in former Warrap State. If this government wants to force our children into a national army to fight yet another unjustifiable war, it should be made clear that our sons are not available to fight it.

I urge the youth of Former Warrap State to shun this forced recruitment. I urge you to resist it with every gut of determination in you. This government isn’t honouring your sons and daughters currently in armed service. There is no good reason, therefore, for anyone to submit to the whims of the regime ill-treating us.

Many Mathianganyors who fell in frontline have been left to birds to feed on their remains in Malakal, Unity and Raja. Many others who fell in Juba and Bor have been buried in mass graves. Does this regime care about what happened to you and your children?

Isn’t it better that we unite and say no to this government of Salva Kiir Mayardit? The cliques in his government are only looting your resources and then sent their sons and daughters to study in Europe and Asia while your children are recruited to fight their war. More so dishonours them when they fell fighting for the regime.

Other than President Salva Kiir Mayardit being a son of Bahr El Ghazal or Dinka, is there anything in his government that sounds like yours? Can you confidently thumb your chest that this is a government headed by your son benefits you as a region or a country?

Many women still die while giving birth, in big numbers more than any other corners in our country, because of a lack of health services. Your children yarn for education but there are no schools in the rural towns except under tree classrooms in most rural parts of Bahr El Ghazal region.

The cliques in his government loot your money meant for schools for your children, hospitals, and roads to buy houses and establish businesses in foreign countries and as a result, create jobs in a foreign land but not the same for you.

Traveling by a car ends with drops of rain in the Bahr El Ghazal. Women travel miles to fetch drinking water from afar river. Boys drive cattle to a far-distance river to water their thirst. What is it that you can thumb your chests about and say this government is for us to die for? Not even their loots benefit you? Can you really allow your sons, again, to die for this government?

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