Who is clean enough in South Sudan to be the first to throw the stone at Gen. Malong?

By Juol Nhomngek

I have never seen a country where politics is blind to the real issues like South Sudan. One thing which is even worst in South Sudan is that those who don’t know what the real politics is are in the heart of government.
Those people in the heart of the government of South Sudan have brought with them the politics of Arabs that deals with how to eliminate the opponents without thinking about the development. The power becomes the center of debate and fight with the ultimate aim of destruction without seeking the collaboration from the opponents as was the case in Kenya.
The healthy politics is that in Kenya where politicians seek for a way to destroy each other but when it becomes hard they cooperate. This is a true politics because the purpose of politics is to serve the citizens this is the reason when politics become more destructive to the citizens the politicians have to put aside their differences to protect the interest of the citizens and the country. Hence the interest of the citizens prevails over politics.
This is due to the realization that continuing with that kind of politics can destroy the citizens and welfare.
However, in South Sudan politics becomes personalized and opponents aim at destroying each other which in most cases is not possible.
As seen in South Sudan politicians have tried to destroy each other but the ultimate destruction is born by the citizens.
The same trivial politics we see at play currently in South Sudan. We have forgotten that the country is in deep mess and singling out one person and blame him for the mess is like taking a cup and use it to empty the sea with it.
As it is the fact now we are dealing irrelevant issues. The issue ofbGeneral Malong should not become major issue in South Sudan at present to the extent of overlooking the real issues. Singling General Malong out of the messes by even those who are part of the messes is just like a pot calling a kettle black.
Kiir and Riek were also named by the Sentry Report sometime back to have highly profited out of war but they are not debated the way General Malong is being discussed now.
Whereas I will not support General Malong if what he has done is proved to be true but for the sake of justice we must be fair to him.
What I have seen in the report against General Malong and others is full of incorrect information.
This shows that the intention of singling out General Malong is ill intended. I am still wondering at what those made recent report wanted to achieve.
All generals in South Sudan beginning from the president downward are accused of corruption but the report is done selectively.
One of the clear examples of some who benefited from oil at the expenses of locals is General Taban Deng. Taban was entrusted with Unity State from 2005 to 2013 but without any development in the State yet no one is accusing him of profiting from oil.
There must be politics behind these kinds of reports. The politics must be in respect of the current Peace Agreement. We have seen Daniel Awet being falsely accused of being behind the killing of Kenyan woman because there a debate that he should be the one to be appointed among the five vice presidents. It is the same reason General Malong might become a victim again since the president wanted him to appointed as one of the vice presidents.
If I were someone who do not reason well, I would have concluded that the people are against Bahr el Ghazal as a region but that is not the case. The case is that there must be a group of people who are sitting somewhere to make up these reports as these reports appear to be cooked as they are not accurate but contrary portray the intention of makers. It is injustice. This is because where things are messed up, it is important that everyone involved must be held accountable or must be exposed but exposing people selectively makes the whole project bias as well as unjust.
The question in South Sudan is not whether some individuals are corrupt because if that is the case, whoever was in the government of South Sudan from 2005 to date whether outside the government now or still there are not safe and cannot even report against another person in the government. All of them are suspected or accused of corruption and there is a need to investigate them as well. Thus, the question of South Sudan is what should be done to get out of the mess?
In summary, who is clean in South Sudan to be the first one to throw a stone at General Malong?

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