Transcribed by Bitter Aqetch

Jeff Koinange: General Paul Malong Awan Anei Tong!

Gen Paul Malong: thsshk (click sound) , am the one

Jeff Koinange: Welcome to Citizen, Television

Gen Paul Malong: Thank you!

Jeff Koinange: And thank you for your time, hhhmm a lot of people have been looking for you, it wasn’t very difficult for us to find you!

Gen Paul Malong: Oohh well am am am yea, am beri simpol yea but I think nobody have tried to rish me, he would have got me

Jeff Koinange: Yeah hhhhk, they would have reached you, Ok look, the documentary, that has been making the rounds, not just in this country, in your country but around the world, has some very grave allegations against you generally, grave allegations and if I could just go through them and you will help me out here, first of all they say you’re the one of the richest men in South Sudan, one of the richest men

Gen Paul Malong: Wherrre did I get the money ??

Jeff Koinange: That’s what they wanna know

Gen Paul Malong: thdhssk, they did not tell us wherrr did I get the money!, they did not tell us, hhhhm, pes of all, there isss up to now nobody heb raise my account, to talk about it that I have account and in account there is this and that

Jeff Koinange: Yeah, they said you’ve millions and millions of dollars in foreign accounts

Gen Paul Malong: Ohh did wherrr wherrr wish wish poreign account that I have I put the money on, wish counturi and wish account that they have got

Jeff Koinange: Umm are you a rich man?

Gen Paul Malong: Am not a rish men, am jusst a pemily (family) men, Malong, am taking care of myself am taking care of my pemily I have nothing

Jeff Koinange: Ok, they said, were you a governor of heee Northern Bahr el Ghazel, you profited from oil revenues, they said, that’s what they alleged in the documentary.

Gen Paul Malong: Exekly, Exekly this is what they have said, that Northern Bahr el Ghazel is not a state oil producing state and eberibody knows, there arrre Kenyans who arrre living that place, there arrre Amiricans who arrre living that place there arrre Eurubeans who arrre living that place and Southern Sudanese knows, Northern mm maybe they met met habe mistaken its

Jeff Koinange: Ok, so how about when you were appointed Chief of General Stuff under President Salva Kiir in 2013, they said you also profited, being in the proximity of power

Gen Paul Malong: Uuhhmmkk, mm no, the chief of stuff, is not only in Southern Sudan, is all ober the nations, the powers of Chief of Stuff, are there and eberi body knows, there’s a minister of defence which is, a planner of the army budget, and there’s a commander in chief, avove a chief of stuff, am implementor huwhat I use is what is given to me for a certain job that am going to do

Jeff Koinange: You’re saying you didn’t profit??

Gen Paul Malong: I did not profit!!, I did not profit because you see, ip the people say that, I I took the tenks and sol them, that met be, I took ammunitions and gun and sol them, that met met be, because what I get is in term of ammunition, is in term of iquipments, not cash

Jeff Koinange: um

Gen Paul Malong: yeah

Jeff Koinange: Alright general, the same documentary also alleges mass atrocities by your men, your soldiers, and there are alleged brutal killings, there are alleged rapes, burning, looting

Gen Paul Malong: In wish time Exekly??

Jeff Koinange: Well, they said, when you were Chief do general stuff!

Gen Paul Malong: Well, bebebeforrre I could to be a chief of General Stuff, therrre was a chief of general stuff, and when I lef, when I was relieve, the new chief of stuff was was apponyted, the army cannot remain without Chief of stuff, what Exekly, what did I commetted atrocities??, in what time??, ip the time of when I was the chief of stuff, I was under instruction and orders of commander in chief, I was not operating independently and and therrr therre is nothing repoted and ip that one was there I was not subjeck to UN, I was not subjeck to international Community, I was subjeck to the president which was a commander in chief, ip I would have commetted that that the those atorocities, I would habe been arrested, and I would habe been quetion.

Jeff Koinange: Ok, let’s go back to that attacked that happened at J1, between the forces of Salva Kiir, the forces of Riek Machar, the hhh, critics alleged that after that coz a lot of people died in that and in hh Salva hh, Riek Machar fled and then they were saying, the revenge attacks in the Nuer villages, revenge attacks by the Dinkas!

Gen Paul Malong: Nuer villages where are they??, in upperrr Nile? , or in Juba?,, the the the fight was in Juba and therrr was no Nuer villages in Jupa, the Nuer werrr just living like other people who’re live living in the town, therrr was no village farticular to Nuer, and I think during the J1, fight, I habe really control the army, morrre than any vefore.

Jeff Koinange: so you’re saying there were no atrocities committed??

Gen Paul Malong: hh no atorocities, I think, the warrr finish under the Jebel Kujur, wherrre the fighting was taking place.

Jeff Koinange: There were women in the same documentary who alleged they were raped repeatedly, by your soldiers!

Gen Paul Malong: hh no, no, he did not happen and ip it was happen, I would habe not been accuse afterrr I was relieve, I would habe been accuse to be arrested, I know, what happen, it was in one op the hotel, hh and one op the hotel!, the lady that was been rafe, habe said it by herrr moth, the person who habe rafe, herrr is a national Security thodier, with the naj with the with with national security uniporm and is name wasth written and che can said, che have said the name of thet perrson is written.

Jeff Koinange: And he was not your soldier?

Gen Paul Malong: he she was not my soldier!!

Jeff Koinange: Why would the UN impose sanctions against you general, you in particular, the UN has its sanctions against this man, general Paul Malong?

Gen Paul Malong: They arrre mizing the pony, they arrre mizing the pony, the UN, suppose if they werrre talking, op the cause op the warrr, the cause of the warrr, is is is is Salva and Machar,

Jeff Koinange: So, are you saying you were just following orders?

Gen Paul Malong: What ever, what ever I did in the army, are just orders.

Jeff Koinange: And then Salva Kiir, President of South Sudan, turns around and throws you under the bus!

Gen Paul Malong: Well, well, ip the pire, ha!, turn on you with your shild, you will pes remove your and then after that you cry Ohh my shild, habe got vurn, what do you want Salva Kiir to do if if if if if if if the things arrre on is neck?

Jeff Koinange: Were you surprised when he relieved you of your duty, we’re you surprised??

Gen Paul Malong: Wal, hh hh you thee you thee is a public office.

Jeff Koinange: And how about if you go back many years, you’ve known each other many many years, you fought together?

Gen Paul Malong: yes he doesn’t mean that, he doesn’t mean that, if we came together, from thet way up to where then I’ll remain permanent on thet, position.

Jeff Koinange: So general, if someone was to ask you, are you disappointed in the way, in the way you’ve been treated in all these, are you disappointed with president Salva Kiir, are you disappointed in his administration, the way things turned out?

Gen Paul Malong: Am dis, am disaponytid beyond, reasonable doubt, hh hh because not eben me alone, the people who knows, what I habe delivered, to thet nation, and her anda what I habe did for individuals including Salva himself, are disapponytid, Salva said, thet, I asked Presdhent Huru to support me to oberrthrown him, Presdhent Huru, is a living Presdhent, who is now herrre, thet I have ask him to support me to oberrthrown him, Presdhent Huru habe neber dream op what he habe sed, he sed thet I habe asked Musebeni, to support me to oberrthrown him, Musebeni is a living Presdhent, he’s herrre, we habe never discuss, thet, I meet him we discuss differen iccues, the iccues sometimes are mandated by Kiir to go and discuss them with him, and I habe neber met him without telling the him thet am going to meet Presdhent, Musebeni, he sed thet I habe talked to frime minister Haile Merriam, to support me to oberrthrown him, I habe neber discuss with him anything out of what he habe neber sed.

Jeff Koinange: So, why do you think the president is so Paranoid then, why do you think he fears you so much?

Gen Paul Malong: You See, it seem to sed, it seem to sed why does he pear op me but he was giben a job to do, he did not decide, he did not heeeeeee, habe a knowledge about what he was do ying, he was he was made was made to do yit,

Jeff Koinange: Has he failed in that job as president?

Gen Paul Malong: Well I don’t I don’t want to reach that, I don’t want to reach that, the welld can judge whether he habe succeed or he habe fel, hh but he was made by atheers to know, to implement, what atheers wen him to do.

Jeff Koinange: Do you think that’s they’re trying to destroy your name, your reputation?

Gen Paul Malong: thss thss Exekly, Exekly,Exekly, not eben Salva alone, those who think thet, hh hh because is is those who arrre do ying it, they werrre do ying it thet I will be obstacle, ip the time come, por Salva to be remove, and am therrre, they will not, it will not be possible por them to bypass me, hh.

Jeff Koinange: So you’re the biggest threat?

Gen Paul Malong: Therr reality, therr reality, am a good thodier, and eberi body knows!, am a good plenner, eberi body knows, and I can prom strong pemily, eberi body know, I came prom beri strong community, eberi body knows, I came prom beri strong state, eberi bonu borbor hh knows, and this arrre my problem.

Jeff Koinange: And the other thing you have been accused of, in the documentary general!, is you have a very rich son, who’s swimms, in money, we saw it, hh hh there was a pictures of the young man calling himself, Lual Malong, in the video,

Gen Paul Malong: Just put Yoor therrre, è Yoor put it therrre, Lual le is is is not call Lual only, is call Loren Lual Lual, Lual Lual, Malong, è Yoor.

Jeff Koinange: Who happens to be here by the way, but the same name, Same Malong?

Gen Paul Malong: Malong Yoor

Jeff Koinange: Let’s ask him, let’s ask him, he’s here. This is the man in the video. Come closer young man there you, there you go, uhh uhh . You’re the guy?

Lawrence Lual: Yeap!

Jeff Koinange: Who gave, ha for so, tell us your name!

Lawrence Laul: Lorence Lual Malong Yoor Jr. Like Donald Trump Jr, Do you know Donald Trump Jr?

Jeff Koinange: Yes, Donald Trump Jr, is Donald Trump’s son!

Lawrence Lual: Yes!

Jeff Koinange: Is this your father?

Lawrence Lual: No, he’s not my father, am Lual Malong Yoor Jr,

Jeff Koinange: What about those of us who don’t understand, explain to us please, because in the video, you expl, obviously you were swimming in money, you’re obviously a rich man in your own way but the implication was, you’re the son of general Paul Malong.

Lawrence Lual: No am not a son of general Faul Malong, I mention in the bideo, and every interbiew that I done, within with media, OK with local media orrr international media, I mention my name, when you go and watch the bideo, I sed Lorence Lual Malong Yoor Jr, my dad, is Loren, my dad is Lual Malong Yoor Snr, then I became, Lual Malong Yoor Jr, and am mention in the bideo, am not using the third name op Malo op mAwan or Anei, or Tong.

Jeff Koinange: Right, you’re just, you’re just your father’s son but this is not your Father!

Lawrence Lual: no is not my father, Malong is not my father.

Jeff Koinange: Are you related to general Malong?

Lawrence Lual: No we’re not!

Jeff Koinange: Would Why Was it assumed that you were his son swimming in money?

Lawrence Lual: heh, I don’t know, but am not his son, why other his son they’re not Ok, Ok, ip people are accusing me that am step son, why his not real son they’re not swim in the money, in a in our culture, in a Dinka Culture, when you call someone stepson is abusing, those guys who are calling me step son of General Malong they’re abusing me, heh am not a step son of general Malong, am Lorence Lual Malong Yoor Jr and I always mention in eberi bideo eben the bideo that am swimming with money, I mention Loren Lual Malong Yoor Jr.

Jeff Koinange: General, when you saw this young man, swimming in the money, and they assumed it was your son,

Gen Paul Malong: I I he did not say is my son, and I did not I did not say is my son, today, I pound the people who sed Lual is my son and these are the people I will prosue them.

Jeff Koinange: You gonna take actions against them?, will you take them to Court?

Gen Paul Malong: Yes I, immediately!

Jeff Koinange: But but People in in South Sudan, in Juba, do they know this is not your son?

Gen Paul Malong: Is not my son, is not my son, Eberi body knows

Jeff Koinange: They know this

Lawrence Lual: Eberi body knows yeah, eberi body knows.

Jeff Koinange: yeah, it’s just the rest of us who don’t know, assume, right?

Lawrence Lual: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Gen Paul Malong: you you see, the areas arrre eben different, is grand father, umm, is the chiep which is Malong Yoor eberi body knows, the Kenyan know, who have gone to that area know them, Americans they know Malong Yoor who is Malong Yoor.

Jeff Koinange: So you think these people were just being malicious in doing this?

Gen Paul Malong: They arrre doing that, they arrre they arrre Malicious, they arrre Malicious and eben eben I know some who werrre planning of this, as a Southern Sudanese, I know them as a Southern Sudanese I know them and those, they want me to talk of what know about them, atherr wise, they want me to talk of what I know about them.

Jeff Koinange: Lual Malong?

Lawrence Lual: Yoor Jr

Jeff Koinange: Yeah Jr, yeah am, but that was you swimming in the money, right?

Lawrence Lual: Yes that’s me.

Jeff Koinange: And you did that deliber.., I mean you posted that on Facebook, right?

Lawrence Lual: Yeah I I always fos the money because you know am a beri rish men as you see am wearing Jimmy Shoes, how much is cosing you know it yourself, yeah this is Jimmy Shoe, 10,000 Dollars, and you know the same Rollex you’re wearing it, is is same Rollek am wearing with the diamond, which is 100,000 Dollars.

Jeff Koinange: So you’re a wealthy man in your own way?

Lawrence Lual: My own way yeah,

Jeff Koinange: You made your own money?

Lawrence Lual: Yes, and I mention in the bideo that I got my wealthy from my Lord Jesus Christ, I neber say prom Malong, or prom who eber that feofle are accusing me am getting money prom , yeah.

Jeff Koinange: Yeah, when you saw yourself in the documentary, with the general , implicated as his son, what did you think?

Lawrence Lual: ah I always deny, am not his son, he is abusing, Eben when you arrre calling me his son, you arrre abusing me and I mention in different documentary and I mention also in different interview, so am not a Malong son, am Malong Yoor son, OK that why I give you one example, heh, Donald Trump Jr, Donald Trump Jr is a son of Donald Trump Snr, right?, yes, so am Lual Malong Yoor Jr because am his son of Lual Malong Yoor Snr.

Jeff Koinange: Before I let you go and continue with the general, hh you said you made your money through Jesus Christ?

Lawrence Lual: Yeah, my yeah, my Lord Jesus Christ bless me, I ply with frivate Jet, I live in Presdhential Suite where I come from now am paying 2,500 $ a night, in Serena Hotel, that that that’s why I live.

Jeff Koinange: How did you make your Money?

Lawrence Lual: I say am bless, Year is it with my number, with my room number, Nairobi Serena, I sleep in Presdhential suite.

Jeff Koinange: How did you make your money??

Lawrence Lual: Am Bless, am bless.

Jeff Koinange: How old are you?

Lawrence Lual: Am 30

Jeff Koinange: Wow, you must be having lots of blessings my friend.

Lawrence Lual: Thank you!

Jeff Koinange: Alright, we’ll let you go, this interview will continue another time, alright?, we haven’t finished with you.

Lawrence Lual: Not, no Froblem.

Jeff Koinange: OK

Lawrence Lual: You’re welcome!

Jeff Koinange: Thank you so much, but clearing the error they, what are you gonna do to these people who made the documentary?

Lawrence Lual: Heh well, I, I don’t habe a froblem with those guys who make make documentary, because I I Lobe the media, am the one who attrack the media, OK, I Lobe the media, I want to be pemous, I habe my own, amvition why I want to be a pemous, I can not tell you, why I want to be a pemous, now am international and known world wide, OK, like my the bideo that you saw it, was been flaying in mm CNN, Al Jazeera, another international media, OK, and am may.

Jeff Koinange: And you think that’s good?

Lawrence Lual: Yes is good por me, I make it, yeah.

Jeff Koinange: So you wanna be Famous?

Lawrence Lual: I already Pemous, that why you met me, ip am not pemous you could habe not met me.

Jeff Koinange: OK hah, hah, Lual Malong Jr!!

Lawrence Lual :Yeah!

Jeff Koinange: Thank you!

Lawrence Lual: Welcome!

Jeff Koinange: General, was this painful for you though, to see this man, portrayed as your son, swimming in money, was it painful to se, to watch?

Gen Paul Malong: thdhssk, hah, you seeee, I didn’t borthered myself, that’s Lual and that’s his money, on the top that I know, Lual is not cunnected with me, is not my son, so am nothing to do, those who wen and ahhhhh, Jonny our names that we’re relative and is my son, I could not know that they will just go to make a case, IP they’re making a case, they will not win a case.

Jeff Koinange: General, what rare your options now you have been in Nairobi, nearly two years, am sure you’re very observant, you know what’s going on in your country, you can see what’s going on, on a day today basis, what are your options, are you gonna be stuck here, are you gonna go back, are you the glue that will put, bring South Sudan together, what are your options?

Lawrence Lual: thdhssk, well, ummh ummh, I’ve habe told you before that, heeehhh, am in Nairobi, resing in my compound, with my kid, this is this is what am do ying, but por me to hehh, to know, what’s going on in na my country, heh is my oblogation, is my duty to know what’s going on in my country.

Jeff Koinange: General, seven years after independence, seven years, are you disappointed in the way things turned out?

Gen Paul Malong: thdhssk, hheh, I think, heehehh, thdhssk, Misiir Kuoinange, I think this enterview will be chort ip I talk of seben years.

Jeff Koinange: How do you plan to salvage, to clean up your reputation after this documentary, how, how do you plan to do that because obviously, it’s damaged you a lot , or your reputation, your name, how do you plan to?

Gen Paul Malong: thdhssk, well there’s no other plans apart from yes bringing somebody lek lek Lual to say that is not my son, that’s one, the second is por me to porsue the case against those who habe came out with that allegation, to tell me Exekly, wherrre did I got those money, because, why they sed, I took them prom the Oyol Rebenue and my and my state is not a producing state, of Oyol, Wherrr did I get money again?, up to now they did not, tell me what op the my account, they arrre jus fonyting the heh therrr hands in the all Wel, that the money in Geneva, the money in any wherrre are maanyy, what what what indicate, that those money are maanyy?.

Jeff Koinange: General do you fear for your life ?

Gen Paul Malong: The Iccue is not about life, the Iccue is about Dignity, the iccue is about dignity, is not about life.

Jeff Koinange: You have been fighting all those years in the field, after 22 years plus, as a field commander, are you disappointed in, in your People??

Gen Paul Malong: thdhssk, you seeee, what I was do ying, I habe ashieb it, I was a liberator, I was liberating my people, that was the objective, taking me away from the oppice, is not a payority, because that oppice, is meant to all Southern Sudanese, not por particular feofle ,thdhssk, hehhee, shasing me away, from the country, uhh, it happen, it happen, am shase away, Salva will be shase away, and who will come after Salva will be shase away, Akcep we mus make a system, that will repeck.

Jeff Koinange: General Paul Malong, Thank you so much for your time.

Gen Paul Malong: Thank you Kuoinange!

Jeff Koinange: I appreciate it!

Gen Paul Malong: Thank you!

Jeff Koinange: Wish you all the best of luck!

Gen Paul Malong: Thank you!

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