By Martin Garang Aher

He is a different version of power in the country. If you give him a gun, he throws it down and gets money. If people quarrel, he becomes polite, gets money and shows off. Many aim at J-One to be powerful and rich; he sets his eyes on little known Presidential Suites in Hotels. While many fight and kill to get money to wine and dine in hotels, he prays and gives to the needy to be rich and sleeps in the same hotels with the violent ones. He goes easy and gets the money. Others are not so lucky, they go hard and thereafter, get bitter. He is so antithetical to the acquisition of wealth in South Sudan.

His guardian name: Donald Trump Junior. He loves Donald Trump because he loves showoffs and he thinks the world’s most powerful man from America, DJT, who recently scared off the most powerful man of the Korean Peninsula, ‘The Little Rocket Man,’ shares the space with him on wealth brandishing. The only difference: Donald Trump, the real one, has streams of assets managed and run by thousands of employees in America and around the world. Our Young Tycoon seems to have no records of his employees or the media-Iscariots do not even consider him wealthy to bother asking him about his business empire and its management.

His real full name: Lual Lual Malong Yoor. In short, he is Lual Malong Yoor jr. because his father is the real Lual Malong Yoor and senior one. His grandfather was a paramount chief of Ajuoong in Aweil. The man, Lual jr, is practically rich in heart and now, practically or impractically, materially rich. If he swims in money, the damn-to-find dollars, wears US$ 10,000 Jimmy shoes, slings to wrist US$100,000 Rolex watch and sleeps in a Presidential Suite at Nairobi Serena Hotel, paying US$ 2,500 per night, why would anyone refuse to accept that the man is rich?

He has already indicated that his money is a blessing from Jesus, another hilarious man who was spiritually rich but denied to death before everyone, including our Young Tycoon, scrambled after Him and still managed to scoop up some real money, not His words. The question we still have to ask our Young Tycoon, time and time again, is how many Talents did Jesus give him and how he multiplied them to outdo all of us. We should be asking him if his tilling ground is South Sudan, and if so, where are his assets, how does he manage them, how much tax does he pay, etc,. He must not put people off with the portrayal of his wealth but must be guided to increase his fame by making his wealth book readable.

The young Tycoon seems to be keen to help others, he must be guided to do that, especially his people of South Sudan from whom his generosity prompted an old woman in Warrap area to bless his pocket and superimposed a curse on it not to ever run dry of money. Whoever wants to understand the Young Tycoon should endeavor to do so on his terms, and not be blinded to so early relate him to corruption, which has dented the country and brought it to war. The Youmg Tycoon might be profiting from the country independently without picking up a gun. If that’s what he is doing, then he needs allies to independently exploit the resources, get their share and pay the rest to the state. (Do you know that railways in America are owned not by the state but by the private individuals and their companies? Same to oil?) Actually, what Lual is doing is the realistic capitalism that the liberal West preaches. The state simply taps into it (that is if the state knows how to use laws to force anyone to contribute according to their wealth). He must be encouraged to educate others on how wealth could be amassed without killing people, and how, even power, could be usurped without the need to slaughter for it.

For South Sudanese, we have been killing ourselves over the resources we know we have and have always thought, still thinking, that only the government will extract them and distributes them on similar plates to all. Well, that is wrong thinking. Try The Young Tycoon’s way: Built that road, charge the users and pay the government (which according to Jesus is Caeser) its dues. Build that oil company, extract the oil, pay the share of the state and get yours. This is the blessing that the Young Tycoon talks about: it is the land.

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