Dear citizens of Jonglei state.

Jonglei Food Security Initiative’s team is asking you to inbox (us) me if you know someone who have machines for cutting of trees in Bortown or Juba.

JFS team have made little research about crops farming in all counties of Jonglei state but some counties need machines for cutting of trees when preparing farms as our tractors can’t do anything in thus particular areas.

In areas which are occupied by trees, we have to start in November upto February, and areas which have no more trees, we’ll start in January upto May 30th.

We’ll go live Tomorrow at around 4pm for more details.

If you are happy with JFS “war against the poverty” in South Sudan and Jonglei state in particular, then join us tomorrow to tell us how we can improve and strategizing war on poverty in South Sudan.

Dr Garang Mabior’s generation won their war of independence.
Bishop Garang Anyieth’s generation won their against Satan.

Our generation ‘war on poverty’ is also winnable if we put our hands together against this enemy called poverty.

Thanks Dr Majak Achuoth with team for this achievement.
Over 20 farms in Kuach’s area is a great job.

“From little things, big things grow” by Australia superannuation.

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