“You are the problem!” Gen. Matata got his share of the public protest on ‘The Profiteers’

By Maulana Alfred Lado

I am frankly speaking to you not the Gen. in quotes though because I have no evidence of your military experiences that qualify you to earn that rank. I am adressing myself to you the Matata Frank Elikana that I have met once and have come to know through your writings and deeds that I meticulously hear.

I am neither an IO nor SPLM nor any of its many factions nor any armed group marauding South Sudan expanse today; I am a proponent of Non-Violence Political Alternative. But on the outset, with all objective honesty, Matata Frank, a cover up has come too late, grapple with the bare truth now henceforth!

For example, if you plan to kill in secret cover or conceal the dead body immediately, but covering the corpse after five days when the smell has polluted the entire village is shameful, to say the least!

Matata, isn’t the Video speaking crystal clear; what a stupid rebuttal from you in the thickest of material evidence! Why blame the investigative journalist who just did his job and did it shrewdly, out-edging you, your spokesman and Dabe Francis but the other associate who only did the laughing, the non verbal cues!

In fact, admit you are unconscious as you claim “revolutionary” or “reformist”; you are devoid of knowledge about gubernatorial responsibilities and/or role or functions. Do You know institutionalism and processes that IO claim it’s pursuing? Don’t tell me you know.

Further, even if they were exploiting the teak since Garang’s time as the Kiirists’ epoch hitherto, should you who claim to be a liberational governor or “General” also do the same similarly? What a defense!

In Africa we say: “THE WISE learn from the mistakes of others, while fool’s repeat them. Idiots, on the other hand, repeat their own stupid mistakes!” I am afraid, from your essay, you are bound and condemned to repeat these ugly glitches!

All in all, although I am not a skilled judge, using my paralegal capabilities, I have known the dead rat not that “I can smell a rat” as the maxim goes; beware we the innocent are alert!


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