SPLM/A Veteran Abraham Malaak Lual Passes On!

By Nuri Hamisi

My condolences to Abe’s immediate families and extended families. Abraham Malaak Lual (born-) passed away on September 11, 2018, in Nairobi in Kenya. Abe passed away because of illness.

Abe received his advanced education in macroeconomics from Khartoum University in 1977. Abe was an active member of the Khartoum University Student’s Union Club (KUSUC) at the same university.

Abe’s father was a well- known and respected traditional orthodontist throughout Makol Chuei Boma.

Abe had been a member of Sudan’s People Liberation Movement and Army since the revolutionary organization’s activities started on May 16, 1983. Abe passed away as a seven-star general of the SPLM/A more than one week ago.

As a matter of human altruism, Abe was a good brother, father, freedom fighter, and a great hero who wholeheartedly participated in the liberation of his people from injustices, oppression, repression, marginalization and second class citizen status imposed upon South Sudanese Africans and other Sudanese Africans by the successive clique elites in Khartoum. Moreover, simply put, Abe was a great veteran with rare humility and a genuine heart for justice and fairness for every person.

While assigned to the liberation duty in Jekou in Upper Nile in the 1980s, Abe was appointed by one of the SPLM/A’s respected high commanders to audit massive misconduct, financial mismanagement, irresponsible drunkenness and monetary embezzlement in the Sudan Relief Rehabilitation Agency (SRRA) Nairobi Office between 1980s and 1990s.

Because of his capability, competency and professionalism, Abe was appointed as the chairman of the audit committee of the SRRA office in Nairobi that led to comprehensive recommendations for improvement, reorganisation of the SRRA that led to better coordination of the office, retraining of the SPLM/A’s officials that led to better cooperation of the office and readjustment of the SPLM/A’s officers that led to better collective responsibility among the SPLM/A’s officials that worked in such crucial humanitarian organisation of the Movement in the 1980s and 2000s.
For example, by acknowledgment, the Chairman of the SPLM/A, Dr. John Garang, profusely commended a professional audit done by Abe on the SRRA’s financial scandalisation and scandalous elements between 1980s-1990s.

Abe knew that financial transparency in the SRRA’s accountability was extremely important function because the rehabilitative humanitarian agency, headed by freedom fighters that the human rights movement had assigned to offer public services through health, agriculture, education, veterinary, construction, stores and equipment, accountants, religious affairs, public relations, project formulation, water drilling, field coordination and the SPLM/A’s press media desired reorganisation for better efficiency and outcomes.

Abe was a humble person with a bit-care-free about his causal dressing code and carriage and at a time looked shabby, but he was a bright student and finicky in carrying out his duties due diligently.

I first met Abe in 1992 in Kapoeta in Eastern Equatoria together with other great veterans Anyar Apiu and Maler Apar. I also got to know Abe closely in Narus in the same region where handfuls of members of Jeshamer and Jeshathoot from Makol Chuei Boma stayed at the residence of Abe in the 1990s.

Furthermore, the town of Kapoeta would remind me of painful memory because one of our best brothers and SPLM/A’s heroes, Akau Gai Deng, was killed by armed Taposa Tribesmen after they attacked the UN convoy on the way from Kapoeta to Torit in 1989.
The body of Abe has gotten the transfer from Nairobi to Juba and to Bor town where burial service will occur in Boma village of Makol Chuei. Abe is survived by his two beloved wives and six children in the combination of boys and girls. His first wife is from (Kapat) Boma and his second wife is from Werkok Boma or all from Gok section.

Abe had done exceptionally well among his peers and generations with distinction. Abe was incredibly humble and kind and thoughtful and wise and intelligent and a great son of Biong and Makol Chuei Boma. Living generations and his colleagues will remember Abe as a great freedom fighter who also advocated for a quest for justice, human freedom, and dignity.

May God comfort Abe’s children and family during this difficult time and may God rest his soul in peace in Heaven.

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