Confession By Atorry

I am human and I at times come to my senses and reason with my own self. I am nobody to be terrorizing every single Facebooker who says something offensive to me. I shouldn’t be the one causing division and segregation as a public figure.

We are one and that’s why our respective communities fall under the name DINKA. I talk of peace and unity at times and I feel it hypocritical of me to talk of what I don’t exercise. I understand people should stand by their names and communities but the reason we have public figures is to bring public together through their careers and professions.

My apologies to general public for how I have been handling my grudges in the past 4 years. I have been textually and verbally terrorizing people and I am deeply sorry. As Atorbhang I shouldn’t be obnoxious as my name suggest. I should hate only disrespect and idiocy from outside Dinka and South Sudan at large.

This is the last time I am apologizing because I am 💯% sure I am not gonna blast none on my timeline and Juba eye 👁 no mater what they do to me. To those who watched and hear me apologize on live video, I thank you for staying with me for that 2 hr session. There is no single fight I haven’t touched unless I forgot it.

My first fight on Facebook was with Achol Salva. She got on my nerves and I reduced her to nothing until she blocked me. I even took her to Juba Eye, mixed her with her landlord and include her innocent dad. To whoever has contact or is friends with her pliz forward her my sincere apologies. You can tag her she reads it if she wants.

The second fight was with my right now best friend Wilson Madut Anyar. I admit Wilson is a true brother who has high degree of tolerance. He has been ignoring my side attacks since January until I gave up and apologized last month and he maturely endorsed the apology.

I picked a fight on brother Manyok Kuir and included his entire community Pakeer wut. I apologized publicly and peace was restored. Manyok as a bitter man was talked to by his community to stop blasting paan Bioor and he did listen. When I saw that, I reciprocated his obedience to his community and apologized to the whole community for the job well done.

I picked a fight on Achol Maduk Manyiel three times and they just went out of hand. I am telling you all Achol is a good girl who has the heart of keeping peace between her relatives. That’s all she tried doing when I had a little hitch with Adual Lou and I mistook it coz I questioned the fact somebody sent her instead of that person disputing the post and maybe defend Adual himself/herself.

I am telling you all Achol is my cousin no matter how much I tried denouncing her on Facebook. She is my family and I am hers in return. I should listen to her even if I am older than her. Even my own dad and mom listen to me sometimes so who am I not to listen to a piece of advice from a concerned cousin?

I deleted that live vid about her and I extend my sincere apologies to wut Nyarweng and each an every one who was pissed by that little drama. Whatever I said yesterday, pliz let it stay in yesterday and let’s move forward as a family. I am sorry I included her dad’s name is my post. That was way too disrespectful.

I also apologize to Danny Daniel Garang although he started shit on me. I went live on him blasting him full swing. He might have been wrong but as my former teacher in Nursery school, I should respect him although he says shit to my Face. In our culture as monyjäng we respect our elders no matter what.

To my cousins Ajang Maluat, Deng Kuany and Atem Kuany, I am really sorry I blasted you last month. I went outta control and that was just plain stupid. I met Atem at Northgate here in Edmonton and he approached me like a brother until I was embarrassed. I am letting yunno cousins I don’t have probs with any of you and I ask for forgiveness from you guys.

Peter Aguer Garang and Pageer Garang Yuot am really sorry for negatively putting you two on spotlight. That wasn’t cool of me. Even if Pageer is my agemate I am obligated to respect both of them esp Aguerdït as he stood with me when I was sick. Family issues or feuds shouldn’t surface on Facebook at any cost.

To greater Bhar-el-Gazal community, I am sorry for putting all of you in one bucket for one or two people’s mistakes. We are accountable for our own mistakes but that doesn’t mean we should point our arrows at the kids or parents of the offenders. People should be solely paying for their own mistakes not their relatives.


Have a blessed weekend and thanks for reading through.


Bior Ajang Duot (Atorry)

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