Wounded Pride: Return The Money To The Girls Now…!

By Tears Ayuen

“Return the money to the girls now,” an embarrassed, angry and gun-wielding man barked at a bartender, raising eyebrows at a bar in Juba recently. At first, patrons thought it was a heist.

He was suited up, pot-bellied, clean-shaven, and middle-aged – probably in his late 40s – the kind that makes money, lots of money, through fake government “Kontraks”.

That evening, he arrived at the joint, alone, carrying a bunch of car keys and three smart phones. He ordered for a bottle of Krest soda and slices of lemon and began to sip it.

Thirty minutes or so later, he was joined by a bevy of girls, three in particular. They wined. They dined. They knocked back shots of Tequila. Laughed. They visited the loo in turns.

Later on, the man asked for the bill, which the barman placed on the table, 4 or so minutes later. However, the bill just stayed there, according to the barman’s testimony.

When the girls realized that it was getting late and their host was taking forever to foot the bill, they figured out the problem – the O.G didn’t have enough money.

“The meals, whiskey, wine and tequila ballooned the bill,” recalled Barman X, “bringing the total to 113,750 Pounds.”

So, the city chicks dipped their beautifully polished fingers into their handbags and dag up bundles of 100-Pound bills and handed it to the tender, wounding the dude’s pride. He ran after the young barman with a pistol.

“Return the money to the girls now,” he barked at the boy who seemed unshaken by the gun being held against his head.

“Why? What’s wrong with the girls clearing the bill? They took the drinks and ate the food; thus, they have the right to pay, especially since you’re not caring cash,” boldly said the boy.

The reply seemed to have sent extra bullets into the man’s pride. He quickly cocked the pistol and shot in the air – forcing everyone, including the chicks, to run helter-skelter…

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