Many South Sudanese youth have either committed suicide or died suddenly of abrupt illnesses while studying in China. Our AFTABOSS source has established up to 5 of such deaths in 2017 and 2018.

We have no means and/or nobody has established the exact causes of such early deaths in our fresh workforce in the making by a ‘friendly’ country such as the People’s Republic of China that offers scholarships to our youth on account of our oil wealth that is now enriching that country.

Compared to China, there are occurrences of deaths of our citizens in in the wider diasporas but in a different nature. For example, in Egypt, it is suspicious ‘kidney kidnapping’ or organ-related killings. The anomaly has also been exhibited in Uganda as three young men and a woman had disappeared and later discovered with mutilated bodies and missing vital body parts in public morgues this year (2018) alone.

However, the China’s case with the South Sudanese students’ deaths is indeed very unbecoming; in fact, very wanton and wanting.

Jokmai, one of our bloggers and a Master’s student in petroleum gave us this testimony, that is one of our rampant daily picks from the Social Media


By Jokmagai Dengadiit

So I should naturally think of what to write as my thesis topic. Of course, that is acceptable. As my professor, you have to unexpectedly reject my topic because international students cannot access the real data and do actual experiments which my research needed, but rather cracked softwares are what we should use for our various researches. You then come up with a topic for me and now I am the one lecturing you about the procedure, some parts of which you don’t have any clue about. Wake up Prof.

The libraries here don’t contain English books to research on and use as references, so the internet is the only place to do research. Baidu your Chinese google is more complicated. I have to spend US$ 100 annually to buy a strong VPN to connect me to google which has being blocked in China (together with WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, LinkedIn and tweeter among others).

Talking in my normal African English and you are telling me that I should slow down and not talk faster. Giving me classes whereby you don’t go deeper but scratch on the topics for the sake of doing exams.

I have to also come here with my own ticket and return with my own ticket while I am a scholarship student. Internet is only cheaper and free in my room but using data bundles which are US$ 5 per 1.5 G.B which the Facebook, WhatsApp and google can finish faster. Buying other applications to make international calls because direct international calls aren’t allowed by your country’s network. Charging my phone credit illegally while I have not been even calling anyone. What is that negative 50 RMB I always get at the end of the month?

Hindering the use of my passport (not to be able to receive or send money in any bank here) as long as I am South Sudanese. I should use a friend from a country you people trust to receive my money. And the last time I checked, South Sudan and China are great friends. Giving me a period of three years to finish my masters. Waste of time sakit.

Not allowing me to work (have a job) at my free time, leading to depression from loneliness for academic and life extremists like me. Holding too much to yourselves and minding your own business leading to loneliness of many international students some of who have committed suicides or others dying in their sleep. Racism and stigmatization. Mentioning words like the sun is near to you in Africa so it has burn you to be black. Taking sarcastic photos with blacks. Deporting me when I am sick while you have got professional doctors who can heal and cure my disease. If I hit a fellow student not to mention meenh e baai, am taken to 15 day’s prison, charged with US $ 1200 and deported. Same to spending a day with an expired visa.

Welcome to Paan e Koc Kor Nyin Wetke!


Jokmagi e Dengadiit’s Facebook post

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