South Sudan Diplomatic Mission Has Heached a Deadend

By Deng Chapath

It is now going to 14 months without the Diplomatic heads of missions and their staff being paid or getting their salaries.
The failure to be paid for the last 14 months has been blamed on the economic crisis. This has been the most pleasurable explanation which appears to have convinced many citizens.
However, I have been doing underground research and the discovery that I have made is the subject of this article.
As my finding indicates, the Embassies’ heads of missions and their staff of South Sudan in various Countries in the World are not paid not because of economic crisis but because of many factors.
One of those factors is corruption and also lack of interest by those working in the government to protect the interest of South Sudan abroad.
As my research has shown, there are relatives of the President who are working in J1 and Ministry of Finance who have completely controlled the channel of money and especially the flow of hard currencies.
These people from Awan where the President comes from have “Awanised” the whole system.
By the term “ Awanised”, I meant that some people from Gogrial State who are related to the President and also their friends are the ones running the system within and outside.
Thus, the dollars that are approved for Diplomatic mission are not given accordingly unless one intended to be given in a given Diplomatic mission is from Awan or their friends.
It is this tribal bureaucratic system that has controlled the resources completely at the expenses of South Sudan Diplomatic mission and their staff.
The clear example is the recent incident in which the money was approved for a certain Embassy but that money was never received in that Embassy. The money was actually approved but because of some Awan members who have laid an ambush in the system have controlled the money and that Embassy up to now has not received that money.
Moreover and to make the matters worse, those government officials in the Country still come to the Embassies abroad to collect money from Embassies that the Embassies have received from issuing visas and other services and then take that money back to the Country.
This has left all the staff in different Diplomatic missions of South Sudan in different countries unpaid for over 13 months.
As I have discovered, what saves South Sudan is the fact that those who are employed at different Embassies love the Country and this is why they still protect the interest of South Sudan. Otherwise, if they did not love South Sudan, they would have sold it to the foreign agents.
In general, South Sudan Diplomatic missions have reached the dead end due to the negative role played by the President and his relatives in the system.
For instance, when the President is going on foreign mission like now he is in China, 90% who traveling with the President are from Awan or their friends. Those from Awan are they ones who control the President and direct him on what to do.
Therefore, anybody whom they have not accepted to on foreign trip with the President will never be allowed to go with anybody who is not from Awan or their friends nor will the money be approved for such person.
Therefore, the Country is being subjected to slow death before our every eyes by the President, his sons, relatives and friends.

God helps South Sudan!

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