There might be an initialling today in Khartoum, but SPLM–IO will not be initialling because of the following reasons:

1. Decision making process within the RTGONU must be consensus or three quarters of all the members if consensus could not be reached.

2. The question of 32 states must be addressed instead of leaving it ambiguous.

3. Processes of the permanent constitutional making must be people driven, not government driven to avoid the past mistakes of 2011.

4. Troops of The guarantors to the Revitalised peace agreement must be officially invited by the peace agreement instead of bilateral intervention to avoid invasion, or misunderstandings.

These are four important items that cannot be ignored, they are the security of this agreement.
Government wants to use its numbers in parliament, executive, states levels and in other important institutions to sabotage the implementation of the peace agreement and make sure nothing moves.

The government also wants to monopolies the process of the constitutional making process in order to corrupt and manipulate the constitution yet again. SPLM–IO does not want the repeat of 2011 scenario, we believe constitution must be people driven and own.

The government again wants to maintain the idea of bilateral military intervention of Uganda into South Sudan, and if this is not addressed and corrected, Sudan then would do the same and South Sudan would be a battle ground for our neighbours.

And then the elephant in the room, 32 states were meant to violate the 2015 ARCSS and set the local communities against each other through the messed up tribal and states’ borders. SPLM–IO wants this violation addressed and revised. Hope the government and the other actors to the peace negotiations would finally see our point of argument in this.
Thank you.
Gov. Alier Samuel

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