My humble request to you H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta over South Sudanese residing in Kenya. I know that you will access this.

On the work permit issue, I fully agree with Interior CS Fred Matiang’i. Bogus “expatriates” doing jobs that can be done by Kenyans must vacate. But in doing so, we need to handle South Sudanese differently because unlike other foreigners residing in Kenya ;

1. South Sudanese dont do jobs that can be done by Kenyans like most of the Chinese , Rwandese , Indians or Congolese illegally residing in Kenya.

2. South Sudanese dont engage in drug trafficking like some few Nigerian illegally residing in Kenya.

3. South Sudanese dont engage in congames like some few Nigerian, Congolese or Cameroonians illegally residing in Kenya.

4. South Sudanese dont smuggle in goods or engage in tax evasion like some few Somali illegally residing in Kenya.

5. South Sudanese don’t engage in immoral activities such as prostitution, I’ve never heard of South Sudanese ladies being arrested in police swoops targeting foreigners illegally operating as prostitutes in Kenyan brothels.

6. South Sudanese dont engage in terrorism activities like some few Somali illegally residing in Kenya.

Most South Sudanese found themselves in Kenya because of the conflict in their country & will go back soon because peace is coming to South Sudan. They were not coming here for business or employment opportunities and have lived to that. It’s very rare to find a South Sudanese employed in Kenya or running business. Most of them are Students. South Sudanese find Kenya as their second home, they usually come here for medical attention and education opportunities. They also contribute a lot to our economy.

The only group of South Sudanese that need to be discouraged from operating in Kenya are the the Looters, Human rights abusers & War lords , the individuals who distabilise South Sudan from Nairobi and not the common Nuer, Dinka or any other South Sudan immigrant.

My appeal to the Government is to give South Sudanese more time to comply with immigration laws because most of my South Sudanese friends have informed me that they never thought that the 60 days notice the Government issued to foreign workers to regularise permits did not affect them. They thought that it only affects foreigners working in Kenya.

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