South Sudan is a country ruled by the unknown Gunmen

By Juol Nhomngek

Yesterday at around 9 PM in Western Lakes State, one of our beloved brothers from Gok State called Mamer Mangok was killed by the unknown gunmen.

The deceased was at school in Western Lakes State but he was cut down by unknown group who specialized in killing innocent citizens. Now, there are those who say that we have the government and I don’t know what they will say about that killing?

Why do we say we have the government in South Sudan if the killings by unknown gunmen are the order of the day? Contrary, the government is busy detaining those who say that there is a problem in South Sudan yet the unknown gunmen is busy killing innocent citizens every day.
In fact, the government of South Sudan is the government led by the unknown gunmen represented by our president. When the government is not able to protect citizens even within the city then there is no government at all.
As soon as I post this message on Facebook the unknown gunmen on facebook will run to the Director of the National Security reporting that Juol Nhomngek has abused the government and to urge him to do something about Juol Nhomngek because he is the problem.

I don’t know who taught those mafia. They must learn to define the problem well but who cares about those individuals who do not know right from wrong?

Citizens of South Sudan Should know that government is the problem not them as they are always blamed. They must know that they are victims of bad governance as cammander in chief is not able to protect them.

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