By Jon Pen

A ‘Lost Boy’ wants to replace Kiir through an election. William Bol Gai Deng wants to become the next president of the Republic of South Sudan. Having realized Kiir’s term of office being extended forever, he begged his president, Donald Trump, to just initiate a ‘Twitter Coup’: “Just tweet; teeet once: ‘Step Down’!”

Scheming through Peter Biar’s, like Bobi Wine’s, charges, William Deng has committed ‘treason’, right? Yes, I have ever seen a headline in Sudan Tribune in the pre-independence SPLM’s era: “South Sudan politician is accused of harbouring presidential ambitions”! This ‘criminal’ was Dr. Lam Akol Ajawin.

To confirm his crime (harbouring political ambitions), he amused us in a Civil Society peace delegation meeting one time in Addis Ababa by reacting to my question of how come his Army Commander (Gen. Tang-Ginye) was killed fighting his counterparts of Dr. Riek Machar (SPLM in Opposition). “Because SPLM is addicted to monopoly. They even want the monopoly over the bush!”

So, before I proceed, this type of William Deng (for there are a hundreds of them), a porter, a former boy slave, whose only permanent job experience for 6 years now, is offloading trucks in a Virginia store in USA, is now a self-declared ‘criminal’, according to that J1’s narrative.

Having made his presidential ambitions public, his advisers have ‘banned’ him with the American wrestlers’ warning disclaimer. “Don’t try this at home!” Yes, Gen. Salva Kiir and his followers (on aa Sunda like this, call them ‘Kiiristians’) have automatically declared him ‘guilty’.

For this, and not the other reasons, ‘Mr President’, as already addressed by his fellow loaders, is campaigning in the Diasporas and on Social Media to replace Salva Kiir Mayardit! And I am like ‘Salva Kiir should not be just afraid but very, very afraid!’

Deng’s spirit is not swayed by the fact that one must have a ‘dit’ title affixed to the tail end of one’s surname in order to ask for a top ‘Beny’ position in our new system of ‘Demokiiracy’, say, ‘Benyocracy’.

Of course, as reported by The Washington Post, he has declared, “Africa does not want rulers. It wants leaders,” said Deng, a U.S. citizen in his late 30s who does not know his precise age. “I’m a leader because I trained in America.”

Don’t say the God’s must be crazy! He is not crazy. ‘Harbouring presidential ambitions’ is normal in his part of the world. After escaping from slavery in the hands of the Mujahideen by hugging the behind of a moving train in the 90s, he became a child refugee in Cairo like Jesus Christ, and ended up in USA.

Now the guy is a strong Christian and has been adopted by an American Christian family, who still retains him in the house to date.

So what makes him want to jump on the train from V1 (Virginia commercial warehouse) to J1 (Juba’s political warehouse)? On a Sunday like this as I use Biblical verses, my answer is simply faith.

So what is faith. The New Testament book of Hebrews Chapter 11, verse 1, will help me answer what the heck is driving William into our man-made hell. “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”

Maybe, who knows, Deng, who was trained at Virginia University with the unachieved aim of working for FBI (now I am talking?), could be reading from his history books, which could put him the 9th president hailing from Virginia.

The Washington Post article, entitled” By day, he runs for president of South Sudan. By night, he unloads trucks at Lowe’s” justifies this tradition of this state as a presidential warehouse. Virginia prides itself on being the “mother” of presidents. Eight U.S. heads of state were born there, more than in any other state. That’s not counting Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the Petersburg barber who became the first elected president of Liberia in 1847.

Is this all about his hope? Not yet. William Bol Deng is a ‘Trumpster’. His new Jesus is Donald Trump. And he wants him to overthrow Kiir with just one twit and the dictator can just come tumbling and crumbling down like that statue of late Saddam Hussein. And he means it!

“I want him to tweet, just tweet, ‘Step down,’ ” he said, smiling broadly. “It’s simple.”

I know it is simple to shoot MayarDIT down with just 140 characters on Twitter. But brother William should also first consult with Riek Machar and find out how many bullets he had employed that Kiir had all enjoyed? Is it 140, 1400, 14000, 140,000 or 14 million bullets and Kiir is still a bully? Also consult with us, those fighting by writing. How many bulletins we have deployed against him, and he the more remains a bully? This does not mean one should give up nor keep down their spirit, though.

And then to my uncle (in-law), Gen. Salva. Haha, we are kidding. Don’t send Gordon Buay to Virginia to announce, “There is a ‘rebol’ in your house!”, to that Democrat family that has hosted a pro-Republican Bol Gai Deng for over two decades with no quarrel except only once.

The couple helped him get through VCU (for a degree in criminology). They also learned that their liberal politics did not match those of their houseguest, who came home one day with a Bush-Cheney bumper sticker on his car. “I have only yelled at him one time, and that was about Trump,” Jill Wood, Deng’s American mum, said.

To President Kiir and the OoPS (Office of President Salva) defenders, please stop killing our ‘William Dengs’. For one reason, you will not manage it; there are os many Bol Dengs or Deng Bols out there, too many even. Indeed, they are speaking their minds out while hot, why not?

For instance, as leaders’ defenders or volunteer killers (a.k.a: ‘Unknown Gunmen’) shot dead one Bol Deng in Juba this year for supporting Gen. Paul Malong, who is accused of ‘harbouring presidential ambitions’, another Bol Deng is threatening to let Trump clear way for him. As one Deng Bol is clutching on your leg as the only saviour for him, his Red Army and the 12 million of us, another Deng Bol is clutching his AK47 to remove you. As one Deng Bol is fasting to see you crash your enemies under your foot and rule in peace, another Deng Bol is praying that the same God changes the hearts, or if not, even remove our people’s oppressors, altogether.

So stop it, it’s so stupid to kill a people into submission! I am writing to ‘unknown gunmen’, Stop shooting protesters down in order to shut them up! Stop shutting websites down in order to shut the writers out! Stop detaining our tweeters in order for you to start retaining your powers. I repeat, stop it, it is stupid!

And if you are looking for this badly abused quality of a leader (experience) in Bol Gai Deng for South Sudan, he will give you the alternative, which his fellow porters like in him, thus.

“He cares for people a lot,” Gray said. “He has a kind heart, very kind heart.”

“Of all the Lost Boys, I’ve not heard any of them saying, ‘I’m going back to make a difference,’ ” Utsey said. “He came here, achieved some success, and the whole time he did that, he was worried about his people in South Sudan and how he would improve their lives.”

Period. That is the candidate my mother wants back in the village. His experience is not in how to shoot people to liberate people. President William Deng would know how to develop truck loaders, masons, pastoralists, pastors, farmers, mothers, children and our animals– all together.

Therefore, is this writer a Bol Deng’s voter? Yes and no. Nobody must be stopped by anybody until they are stopped by everybody in matters leadership in South Sudan.


The the full story on Washington Post is here:

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