Permanent Peace In South Sudan Is In Jeopardy

Angelo John
The peace agreement signed in Khartoum on 8 August, 2018 was a forced one, according to President Kiir. Kiir’s philosophy about leadership is “leaders come leaders stay”. South Sudanese philosophy is “leaders come leaders go”. Kiir thought the opposition groups will refuse to sign the agreement and therefore, be in trouble and be dealt with accordingly by the international community, the IGAD regional bloc and the AU. To his surprise and disappointment, the majority of the opposition groups had accepted to sign the agreement with one or two groups which abstained and Kiir refused to include Paul Malong’s group in the agreement. As Kiir put it, he was indeed forced to sign the agreement, in refusal of which he would be punished by parties who are concerned with bringing peace in South Sudan.

After the agreement was signed and as a defeated Chief, the Honorable President, his vengeance was shallow. Henceforth, he refused to shake hands with his country man, Machar. Kiir should have known that it wasn’t Machar who forced him to sign the agreement. Kiir doesn’t want peace in South Sudan in the first place. He aspires for life presidency. He doesn’t like Machar and doesn’t like to work with him in the government of South Sudan.

After the Entebbe peace meeting in which the opposition groups were invited but didn’t effectively participate and rejected the power sharing proposals, Kiir stealthily and secretly sneaked out of Juba and returned to Uganda and met Yuweri Museveni secretly (close door) under the pretext that it was the same peace business unfinished which took him there. The minister of information, Michael Makuei Lueth, luethed around and continued to lueth around that the meeting between Museveni and Kiir was nothing but the continuation of the Entebbe peace negotiations. The question is: why secretly between only Kiir and Yuweri alone? Museveni is a controversial president. He instructed Kiir not to sign the peace agreement and he thinks he is another Idi Amin and aspires for life presidency in Uganda; and Kiir must be the same like him as life president of South Sudan. Museveni doesn’t know that he’s the so called commander in Chief of Uganda Army like Kiir of South Sudan and they are dealing with soldiers. What happened to Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe will one day happen to them if their army becomes indiscipline.

South Sudan situation can’t be compared with Uganda’s if Kiir isn’t naive enough to take instructions from a president like him. Friendship shouldn’t be used to jeopardize South Sudan sovereignty. Kiir can’t be president without people. Kiir doesn’t realise that South Sudan belongs to Nuer and other tribes in South Sudan including Dinkas. Bona Malwal claimed that South Sudan belong to Dinkas; but his claim was and is a fake news. What will happen in future is, even if there will be peace and the government is formed, it will be in jeopardy. Museveni will step in to disrupt it and Kiir will claim that Machar plots again to overthrow his government and there will be another civil war because he hates to work with Machar. We will go back to Sodom and Gomorrah and fight the angels there.

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