By Samuel Maker Mading

If I got chance to lead our people, I would distribute equally the wealth of our land for everyone to have a fair share. I couldn’t settle for a Country where rich grow richer and poor grow poorer. All want to be happy not a few folks in positions of responsibility and power.

I would train our people to acquire knowledge and skills in order to fairly compete in our economy and beyond borders of our Republic.
Take our girls too school and stop early and forced marriage of teenage girls. Build roads and railways to connect our Republic with itself and with the Region. Build an international airport world has ever seen and name it Dr. John Garang International Airport.
I will care for the War veterans and senior citizens of our Country by establishing a fund and put a lot of money there for them and their families to live a decent life. Our veterans are our unsung heroes and heroines the world has ever known. They risked their lives for us. They fought protracted war of liberation on our behalf. They founded everlasting home for us.
I will build a strong military the Region has ever seen and take good care of our men and women in uniform with their families because they protect us day and night. They protect and guard our borders. They protect our property and above all they are part of us and citizens of our Republic who deserve in their own right better treatment while in the services and after they retire.

I will unite our nation and mobilize all citizens, everybody to take pride in our diversity. Treat every body equal and afford opportunity to all even those who may not have relative, or a friend in position of authority. The father of Nation led an army of men and women for two decades to fight together, bled together and died together for our freedom. We must seize this moment to summon that sense of unity of purpose whenever we veer off that path. In 2010, we stood under searing heat to cast our votes in a referendum and finally proclaimed a new Republic. We did this together. This means the Country is our own. It is our home. No one single individual or tribe who owns it. We must make it work for us all. No one should should be discriminated against. We all stakeholders in this Republic.
We must ensure our national unity and sovereignty becomes a bipartisan issue and embrace what unite us than what drive us apart.

I will fight corruption with high handedness. Corruption is a destroyer, it is a danger to our lives, it is an enemy of progress and transformation. It undermines our efforts to develop and make money for projects. It erodes people’s confidence in legitimate government. It makes businesses expensive to operate. It must be fought with bravery.

Our Country will relate to all nations on mutual and reciprocal basis. Ensuring cooperation and not confrontation. We must have special relations with the Sudan because we are one people in two nations. We are dependent on one another.

I wish you blessed weekend. That is what was in my mind today.

Samuel Maker Mading.

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