Kiir To Governors: Step Aside But Not Away!

President Kiir tells States Governors in a briefing this morning in Juba.

Here some of his quotes.

“At the States levels, government will have eighteen governors. And the oppositions will have fourteen governors. You can now reduce from the above, that some of you governors, will lose your positions as governor and I do not want you also to pick up your guns and rebel against the system”.

“What I can say here is that the time to get power without working hard is now gone. Let me advise you that all of us must go to our constituencies and work hard to win the support of the people”.

“The peace that is coming can be the end of rebellion and fighting in our country. Let us fight politically through democratic means of exchange power from party to party when the time for election comes”.

South Sudan only saw elections of States governors and Members of Parliament during the 2010 elections when the country was a semi-autonomous region under Sudan.

The elections were not free and fair according to international observers and some of the candidates who were defeated rebelled against the government. And when 2013 conflict kicked in, the jobs of removing and appointing state governors only became part of President Kiir decrees although he is not allowed by the constitution to do so.

Tune to VOA to hear more on this story.

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