By Akut Francis

Then, several times in your lifetime, you have to come over and over again to our amazing Juba Na Bari aka ‘Sun Sea(ty)’, by the shores of our beautiful Konyokonyo, our charming Nile Cruises, our breathtaking stunning Kondokoro (not sure of the spelling) to/and eat our sumptuous, authentic and large feast of ‘samak’ – I strongly advise you come real quick or latest Sunday.

And so that navigating it doesn’t become a bother to you, your chosen delight of ‘samaka’ will be sleeping so nicely on its expansive bed, and resting it’s head ever so sweeeeetly on an orthopaedic pillow called kisra. Say ugali too, or how do you want your bride? Asleep or laid!? Tell us.

It is within that well-rested head that you shall find the ‘engine’ and methodically ‘damage’ it and increase your brain power, and upon that ‘beyond repair’ behaviour and assault on the orthopaedic pillow, that you shall know the exquisite yumminess of our Juba.

Now here you are, why can’t you just leave that Zanzibar and Mombasa (of those) counterfeit, pretender Ching Chong fishes and dishes and head home, where home is felt.

The taste. The aroma. The service. The presentation. The lives touched and the hearts touched and fingers licked!!


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