Human Intelligence Among South Sudanese Youth: The Future of Innovation and Discovery

By Jokmagai

And my friend and brother Noble Leek Goi began this discussion as follows. This world is all about who is clever than who and at what time. The man who created the first clock, how did he know the time since there was no clock by then apart from what he made? How did he adjust, the watch? What were his references? Have you ever thought of that Jokmagai e Dengadiit?

I paused for a while and saw that Noble Leek’s mind was running at the same frequency as mine. I quickly recalled a lecture that was once given by an Indian Mystic called Sadhguru and I will paraphrase and elaborate it in the preceding paragraphs.

Sadhguru said that the human mind has got four major faculties. One is the INTELLECT, the second one is IDENTITY, the third is MEMORY and the forth is PURE INTELLIGENCE.

The INTELLECT is our logical mind where we argue theories and proof them scientifically. It is the part which we have been sharping in our various schools so far. Together with the IDENTITY and MEMORY faculties, the main function of the INTELLECT is for self preservation purpose.

The IDENTITY section is the one whereby you call yourself so and so from a certain race, creed or religion. The INTELLECT always protects your IDENTITY and MEMORY so they work together. That is why you can hear someone’s father knocked down by a car but you will never cry the same way you could have cried if it were your own father.

The MEMORY mind is what keeps the resemblance in the family lineage. You might look just like your great grandfather or any other relative. Some of you now have noses of their grandmothers sitting on them.

The fourth faculty is where Albert Einsteins and many other extraordinary thinkers like Socrates, Gautama Buddha, Jesus among others are found. It is just PURE INTELLIGENCE and it has no memory whatsoever. It doesn’t care whether you are black, white, Jew, Gentile and what have you. It does not work with or like the above three faculties of the mind, so it is illogical and spiritual. It is the part of the mind when utilized by all human beings, there will be no poverty, wars and what have you. It is in this faculty that the ultimate question of what life is all about can be answered. When any human being touches this faculty, he/she would just do what is necessary without depressing others. This is the faculty of the mind where boundlessness and infinity is a reality. The great innovators, poets and artists touch this faculty either unknowingly or knowingly.

In conclusion, I would like us to give the upcoming South Sudanese generation a free and conducive environment to exercise and utilize this PURE INTELLIGENCE faculty of their minds. I would want each parent to understand that your child is a gift of Mother Nature to you through her grace and hence, that child just passes through you but it is never you or yours. Your work is not to download your philosophy and cultural/religious mindset into this poor pure and free-minded child that smiles at a fly. You just need to give your child a space to discover their own truth by themselves. That is the only way our children can be innovative. Do not teach your child any manipulative history and in case history is important to them, do not give your opinions as the truth but let them scrutinize any situation by themselves without your interference. The question is, who is ready to do that?

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