President Kiir’s Speech at Juba Airport caused shockwaves among the signatories!

There is no need exposing that Riek exchanged his 1st VP’s position for 32 states and Taban Deng Gai’s participation in RTGoNU. This statement is an own goal (owl goal) as it is a betrayal of trust between him, Riek, Museveni and Bashir as from the ‘Entebbe Proposal’, a document that reintroduced another chaos into the South Sudanese peace process, including robbing the ordinary people by means of bloated government.

As from the video clip of the jubilant petroleum ministers of Juba and Khartoum, the aiming is to “pump more oil by August 15 so that the economy starts booming and we will be rich!”

Now, what is puzzling and mind-boggling is that hypocritical pushing of the hungry people into the streets to sing ‘Salva Oyee, SPLM Oyee, Peace Oyee’ while onky two chapters were signed with some brackets and while the very president is the news-breaker reporter of fighting in Eastern, Central and Western Equatoria areas, and doing so while waving an Agreement booklet marked with Sudan’s coat of arms!

Meanwhile, most of the armed oppositions are still concluding their press releases “with the right to self defence when attacked!”

Hey, dear ‘Kiiristians and Riektionaries’, stop attacking the analysts and do your own reading of the scenarios not as a group-think bundles. OK?

I just want clarity for a genuine peace for our people, not interested in your positions.

‘Cak ping’?

By Jon Pen

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