By Jon Pen

Pictures, videos and words seem to spell doom on the SALBASHIIR AGREEMENT!

My friend amused me by wondering whether that loosely dove-holding kid would not be taken to Blue House and interrogated for any blood link with SSOA or FDs! Her eyes read, “Not Willing To Sign”!

On the other hand, Richard Ruati (not his handwriting) spent the whole night Googling the dictionary meaning of ‘Pathuoudie’ as quoted from Kiir’s Airport Speech. Cool down, guys, that word can only be found in my Jienglish Dictionary, or in the ‘Kiiristian Bible of Tribal Terms’.

And what annoys me in his anger-infested speeches is the habit of minimizing Bor, one of the most prominent communities of South Sudan, as ‘Pathuoudie’ (my in-laws) always. That, in Dinka (Bor) tradition, is a disrespect from ‘Monynya’, especially when the lady had passed on since 1993!

In Arabic, Kiir wondered aloud to the whole nation why the two guys from Bor, one Michael from Kolnyang (and he called out to his Army Chief, Jok, these are your Bor people), joined the Equatorians who are killing Dinka over cattle grazing lands. And he lashed against Bor that “nobody brought any cattle from Bahr al Ghazal, but those are your cattle, you people of Bor ‘Pathuoudia’ (my in-laws).”

I thought his 3,000 heads of cattle that were at his Presidential resort ranch at Luri, northwest of Juba led to clashes that resulted in the killing of a Mundari national wrestling champion in 2015. Somebody, please tell the President that his speech is what I refer to as the ‘divide-and-ruin policy’.

I mean, if not mockery, does my uncle-in-law, Salva Kiir (as the late Achol Philip Nhial comes from my village of Kolmarek) make such underrating comments in his national speeches against the family-in-law from the side of Maj. Gen. Ayen Mayardit?

This inu is very unbecoming! I mean, what is not unbecoming in this tribal alienation of the Bor guys in an Equatorian-led National Salvation (NAS) Front?

“Someone called Julius Tabuley from Kajo-Keji came to me. He came with four others who are his commanders. Two commanders among them are from Bor, so I asked them two questions. They said they came to join the government but they are still with their organization that was being led by Thomas Cirilo” President Kiir told the crowd that gathered at Juba international airport to welcome him back.

The president went further and reject the two men and accepted the Kajo-Keji man. “I told Michael who is a Dinka (Bor)that the slogan of Thomas Cirillo and his group, those of Tabuley, they say they are fighting against the Dinka ethnic group, how did you join them? He said they changed that slogan, I said: No, you cannot convince me…It was not good with him and the other colleague”

He added, “So, they decided to be with the government with one leg and one leg in the bush. I told them that this is an old game. There is no servant that can serve two masters at the same time. You have not designed your plan very well.”

To this blatant discrimination, Ngor James wondered, “When Dau Aturjok and Agel Machar returned, they were not referred to their section of Dinka. In Kiir’s conclusion, he welcome back Kajo-Keji man and rejected the two Bor and this statement can justified it,” Ngor commented.

“I told Tabuley that I am not rejecting you from joining me so that we fight together from now onward because SPLM does not reject new members because it is like a river. So I left them in Khartoum and they have become friends with SPLM/A. I told them that we will now see how he will work with us and how long will it take”.

Finally, is this man explaining about the ‘peace agreement’ that he claimed to have brought from Khartoum? How can you sign peace and keep on welcoming defectors to your ‘river’ (referring to the SPLM, with the ‘river’ as also the meaning of his name, Kiir), ” so that we fight together from now onwards…!”

…To fight together against who from now onwards, while purporting to be implementing peace, Mr. President?

Meanwhile, on this trick of the Bor cattle war in Equatoria region, let me leave you with answer from a chief in Pageri that he uttered during Kiir’s rally when he visited the late Achol Philip’s grave.

“Cattle are not the ones destroying Equatoria. They don’t climb on the roofs of buildings and remove iron sheets and metal doors by their teeth. Cattle haven’t displaced anybody from their homes or rape any woman. What is destroying Equatoria are people in military uniform like the one Salva Kiir is wearing.”

Though that straight-talker chief was arrested for exercising his freedom of expression, he was released after some months behind cell.

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