Should we celebrate the signed peace with hope or skepticism?

By Wasted Bipal

Parties to the peace talk made a significant breakthrough by inking the long awaited power sharing deal in the Sudanese capital Khartoum yesterday at 7pm. The speeches made by the main rival principals notably H: E president Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon yesterday alongside with other leaders in and outside the East Africa regions are inspirationally capable of creating hope for the people of the Republic of South Sudan and would vindicate the stance that the signed peace would be a lasting peace as it has been yearned for.

The position of the East African leaders as of now is encouraging for a society desperately in need of peace and security in the youngest nation as prerequisite to dispensation of any other service in what would be known as a stable South Sudan. H: E President M7 of Uganda complained that we are congratulating ourselves over so many dead bodies in South Sudan and the protracted war fought in that country for the last five years was not just as he referred to the wars African battled during the colonial period predominantly in the 1960s for independence as just wars. the President was right beyond doubt that the conflict in South Sudan as the leaders of this nation have repeatedly been terming it as senseless and uncalled for misery, but we need to recognize the effort exerted by the leaders leading to the signing of the compromised power sharing agreement signed yesterday because there is no reason to subject South Sudan to the generation of wars and sufferings for life. What we were expecting from H: E President M7 was a speech that demonstrate his appreciation to the parties by placing the interest of the people South Sudan first to pledge to support the parties during the implementation of the inked agreement as a guarantor.
However, the people of South Sudan would only need to trust their leaders in this and take the covenant from positive perspective as we lack divine power to read through what our leaders made of this agreement inside. So many people are disbelieving the signed peace agreement itself having recalled the lesson learned in the 2015 deal, but years are never twins as it is said in my language, the August 2018 should not be compared with August 2015 deal.

To me, the work done by H: E President Bashir with the help of regional and international partners in brokering and reaching decent deal which was signed yesterday is commendable and worthy of praise. I believe even our various South Sudanese prophets and their followers will concur with me and other positive analysts on this signed agreement that the dawn of peace and optimism for the people of this beautiful nation is now. I would like to appeal to the preachers of negative prophecies of our local prophets to request their prophets to forgive the people of South Sudan if at all they are there and can foreknow another suffering still for our beloved nation and its citizens or else any spirit that proclaims another misery for the people of South Sudan should be worthy of condemnation in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. We cannot negotiate peace between friends but between enemies, we cannot keep on revenging but on forgiving each other as we ask for forgiveness from ourselves and our Almighty God, we cannot encourage creation of enmity among our people but, work to reconcile enemies as a mechanism of fostering peace and national cohesion, we cannot tolerate to groom a generation of hawks, but motivate those who are peace makers. In Kenya with some exceptions, tribalism is dead and let us work to do the same in this Republic. Tribalism, nepotism and the like are malignant acts only meant to shame our nation.
Mere citizens in other parts of East Africa region don’t kill their time listening to politicians, but rather engage in beneficial activities and business as politicians are busy in politics. With this peace agreement let us pray as already done by my friend Daniella Valentina yesterday that God would open our minds to think positively, reconcile among ourselves, accept each other, intermarry and exalt the name of South in Africa and the world.

With this few words I would like to wholeheartedly congratulate the peace maker H: E President Bashir, his government, the warring parties in South Sudan represented by the key principals namely H: E President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon for the job well done.

May the peace of God reign in this nation for the rest of our life and may we glorify the name of our Highest God who made it possible for the people of South Sudan to achieve a peaceful settlement to the protracted conflict. And may we still pray that the other outstanding issues including implementation modalities are negotiated and agreed without bumps in the name of GOD THE FATHER, GOD THE SON AND GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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