Statement of President Kiir on the Occasion of Martyrs Day

July 30th, 2018

Fellow Countrymen & Women,

Allow me to convey my appreciation to the people of South Sudan at home and abroad for their unwavering demonstration of sacrifice and dedication for the liberation of our country, the Republic of South Sudan. Today, July 30th is the day we stand up together to commemorate the lives and sacrifice of our fallen heroes and heroines. It also marks the day the nation lost its liberation hero and founder of the SPLM/A, Dr. John Garang de Mabior.

What gives special weight to Martyrs’ Day is the exemplary heroism our martyrs demonstrated as regards to their conviction, steadfastness, dedication, creativity and diligence, coupled with self-sacrifice to liberate the people of South Sudan from the yoke of tyranny. The special values our martyrs bequeathed to us constitute set of values that characterize our identity and patriotism as the people of South Sudan. The liberation of our country would not have been achieved without our collective resolve to stand side by side to face the common enemy.

Fellow Countrymen and Women

As we lit our candle vigil to mark this year’s Martyrs Day, allow me once again to reassure you, the people of South Sudan, that you will commemorate the coming New Year and next Independence Anniversary in harmony, peace and stability. Your government is currently exerting its considerate efforts to reach a peace deal with the opposition groups in the ongoing peace process in Khartoum, Sudan.

Several clauses constituting the agreement have already been signed and we remain with very few outstanding issues which we will continue to redouble our efforts to bridge a gap and sign the final text of the Revitalized peace Agreement. Your government is determined to ensure that peace returns to the people of South Sudan as soon as possible such that our collective nation-building process is reactivated.

May Almighty God bless you! And bless the Republic of South Sudan.

Thank you.


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