The Centre for Peace and Justice (CPJ), categorically and condemn in strongest term possible the arbitrary detention of Peter Bair Ajak and call on South Sudan National Security Service to immediately and unconditional release.

Tito Anthony CPJ’s Executive Director says the detention of Peter Biar is illegal and politically motivated.

To the best of my knowledge, Peter is innocent and must be released, should anyone have anything against him, let him go to police and file a case.

The legal way to arrest someone is to open a case against that individual first and the court will order his arrest.

Peter Biar is not a threat to South Sudan National Security, therefore the national security service have nothing to do with him.

Arresting someone without legal order from the court is violation of the constitution, which is the supreme law of the country.

The arbitrary detention of Peter Biar is not only violation of his freedom of movement but it also violation of the constitution which is the country supreme law.

If Peter committed any crime or someone has a case against him, it does not need to involve national security, it should be a police case because Peter Biar is a civilian, therefore, the National Security Service have nothing to do with him.

We call for the to repeal of all provisions in the National Security Act 2014 that gives the National Security officers unlimited and unconstitutional power to arrest anyone without arrest warrant.

If national security insist of having a case against Peter Biar, then they should transfer his case to police and immediately allow Peter to access his family and lawyer.

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