Comments by Nathaniel Pierino

(SPLM-IO Governor, Imatong State)

We initialed areas of agreement on the 5 outstanding issues on governance that was entrusted to Sudan to help the parties to the conflict to resolve.

We had deliberated for the last 19 days on the same issues. Where we have not agreed including the power sharing ratios in the states and local governments we bracketed them to be handled at later date as discussions on the same is still ongoing.

The question of devolution of powers and resources to states and local governments levels shall be handled by the interim mechanism called National Pre-Transitional Committee (NPTC). Part of the responsibility of this body shall be to design the schedule of powers and accompanying resources to states and local governments of South Sudan.

The number and boundaries of states shall be determined and delineated by the Inclusive Boundary Committee (IBC) within 3 months of the pre transitional period. Failure shall result into a referendum. The people of South Sudan shall draw and name their national (tribal) and administrative boundaries including that of states, counties, payams and bomas by themselves without any one deciding for them in Juba1.

With a Referendum Under the auspices of AU, We believe the 64 nationalities of South Sudan knows the boundaries of their lands and how many states, counties and payams they want.

We had to initial this points in order for the agreed text not to be altered by either the parties or mediators unless all agreed to do so in good faith.

See details of text in the initialed agreement.

Nathaniel Pierino

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