Observations from a concerned South Sudanese Citizen in Kampala..

To my #Ambassador,

By Mengistu Makuei Chol

Over the year I have been thinking and trying ways of how to reach out to the Ambassador to inform him about our untold daily experiences we are being pressed into by some of our Ugandan brothers who are putting law into their hands in lieu of judging us fairly.

Over the years, there are reports of abductions of The South Sudanese residing in Kampala that either ended up in demand for Ransom or the abductee getting killed on cold-blood. These are South Sudanese Citizens, I have never seen, heard our Embassy condemns or making any comment about it, or setting solutions to curb the situation along with the Ugandan security.

Recently, one of our Own South Sudanese student of the International University of East Africa was mobbed, and hacked to death having been wrongly accused of theft when he was not.

This year only, there has been numerous disappearance of our youth and ended up being spotted at the mortuaries lying lifelessly dead with some of their organs missing, but I have never heard our Representatives response to this act of unstoppable Murders.

Last week, our South Sudanese Refugees were attacked by the host community in Ayilo 1 camp resulting to demise of one old man and a teenager.

In places, our youths are randomly arrested and impounded by the Police and kept in detention for days without the family knowing the whereabouts of their love ones. And later ending up being wrongly charged and fined by the law.

Personally, I have had enough experiences that i beget while executing my daily routines. Sometimes, my Ugandan Brothers provocatively and aggressively confront me so i react In return but I have been holding my instinct to avoid spills. And when I do that they will start provoking my Nationality and threatens to physically confront me but I always make sure to avoid them and never respond to avoid further aggression. And I’m truly aware that it’s not only me that’s going through this alone. But majority of us are facing this daily.

And in case of something that reaches the law, though we are right and innocent before the law, we are intimidated and judge unfairly by the concerned personnels.

Basically, an Ambassador under my own perception and understanding is an accredited Diplomat or an official envoy sent by a Sovereign State as its temporal or permanent representative in a Foreign country that oversee the following;
Just to mention few;

• Protect its Citizens in that country
• Support Prosperity between the two States
• Work for Peace

Mr. Ambassador, Hope that this piece of vital information reach you.

Most of the Citizen here are either Refugees that were displaced by the war; and in this context, below is a brief explanation of a Refugees’ rights.

A Refugees is a Person who “owing the a well-founded fear of being persecuted for the reason of race, Religion, Nationality or Membership of particular social group or political opinion, and is outside the country of Origin in fear of being persecuted and unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country.

A Refugee has a right to safe asylum, a refugee should receive the same right as the Foreigner who is a legal resident, including a freedom of thoughts, of movements, and freedom from torture and degrading treatment.

We as the Citizens and Refugees at the same time in Uganda are loosing value in the face of our Host Brothers (Ugandans) I’m referring to those putting the law into their hands. It’s your duty to alert the Ugandan Government of what your Citizens are being subjected to, to avoid creating the gap. I’m saying this on behalf and concerns of Million of South Sudanese residing in Kampala.

The writer can be reached at bmakueichol@gmail.com

Mengistu Makuei Chol

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