South Sudan made in Khartoum power-sharing deal unjust.

By William Ezekiel
Another version of Khartoum power-sharing agreement for South Sudanese political elites and war mongers, is in the making in the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum.
The accord, only hours to be inked look very accommodating in essence, it seems nobody would remain outside the box for the deal is creating so many rooms for political leaders to maneuver and roam around with positions among the innocent South Sudanese.
It’s unbecoming, unfair, unjust and doesn’t address the root cause of instability in the country.
it only suits to protect the interests of politicians, their puppets and national interests of other nations. South Sudan won’t gain anything at all. And it shows beyond any reasonable as if the country is sold out in a golden plate.
This South Sudan made in Khartoum peace agreement, is typically identical to an agreement or called it, a promise by Jesus Christ to His followers that “there are many rooms in my father’s house. ” The Revealed God in flesh did that to tentatively quell down all His followers too much concerns and worries over their places in the expected Kingdom of God, while South Sudan made in Khartoum peace agreement is virtually trying to cope up with fair distribution of little positions at disposal.
The only difference between promises offer in South Sudan made in Khartoum peace deal and that one of the Son of God is that, the former seeks portfolios to secure material life in Juba, and/or elsewhere inside South Sudan, while the later only give assurances to hope in life after death.
While Christ assured His followers equality and fair distribution of duties and obligations, the South Sudan made in Khartoum peace accord is shamelessly classifying positions, starting from the position of a half a president to be allocated to SPLM-IO, to a one third a president for SPLM-IG, then a quarter a president to be filled by the SSOA, and a one fifth a president, down to an FD’s female a one sixth a president.
Designers at South Sudan made in Khartoum peace agreement might have discovered lusts of South Sudanese politicians and their power thirstiness, otherwise.
In the nutshell, this South Sudan made in Khartoum power-sharing accord is nothing more than a quota distribution process established to safeguard the national interests of all regional stakeholders to the peace process, today it’s made in Khartoum, tomorrow in Nairobi, perhaps to be followed by Addis Ababa and so on and so forth.
And this is due to failure by various South Sudanese elites in rediscovering interests of the nation.

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