Updates from Civil Society on the Khartoum talks !

1. Sudan has constituted a Sudanese Mediation Team, to facilitate the Khartoum Round of Talks towards a final agreement on the conflict in South Sudan. IGAD’s Mediation Taskforce, involved in the Addis Ababa talks (the HLRF), briefed this new Mediation Team on progress made in Addis and remaining outstanding issues on both transitional governance and security arrangements.

2. The Mediation Team engaged military officers from parties to the conflict to review technical aspects of the transitional security arrangements last weekend.

3. On Sunday the Mediation Team consulted five political groups on outstanding issues on the revised IGAD Bridging Proposal on governance.

4. On Monday they consulted civil society delegates including religious leaders, eminent persons, women, youth and business community. The civil society requested for the latest copy of the Bridging Proposal on governance, reviewed and provided recommendations to the Sudanese Mediation Team.

5. The Mediation Team said based on these consultations done in Khartoum, they would develop a new revised version of this Bridging Proposal and share with participating stakeholders for their review and possibly final comments. They said this round of talks will be an inclusive process as was the case in Addis Ababa and no participating stakeholder will be left out. That the final outcome of this process shall be agreed upon by all participating stakeholders.

6. The head of the Mediation Team consulting with the civil society said he was optimistic about the peace process. He counted as progress: the face-to-face talks between President Kiir and Dr. Machar in Addis and Khartoum, the Khartoum Declaration with agreement on permanent ceasefire and the decision of IGAD to request for postponement of punitive measures/sanctions to allow the parties engage in the process.

7. From the invitation to the civil society delegates, this Round of Talks in Khartoum will continue until July 10, 2018.

Rajab Muhandis, CSO Rep in Khartoum”

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