OUR EMPTY HEADS WILL KILL US (Khartoum Declaration)

By Ayuen J. Awan

Once upon a time there was a man who used to graze his animals on nearby pampas. One sunny afternoon he saw a human skull laying on the ground, he approached and poked it with his spear as he whispers “it is your head that killed you”. “It is your head that will kill you also”, the skull responded.

He was frightened and ran back home. He recounted the story to his colleagues who couldn’t believe but asked him to bet what they would do to him if they discovered it as a lie. He accepted to be killed if the skull does not respond like before.

They went to the scene and poked the skull many times but there was no response. “Why have you led us to the bush for nothing?” They furiously asked. We are going to kill you now, they added. He was killed. Then the voice came “it is your head that has killed you”.

Why in the first place secede from Khartoum if Khartoum was our good friend and mediator? It is our head that will kill us.

Photo: Courtesy of Jon Pen

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