Ten Corruption Self-examination Questionnaires

By Mr. Anonymous

NB: Most South Sudanese will fail this self-evaluation test, I promise!

1- If you usually put more sugar in your tea when in a hotel than you do at home, you’re likely to be corrupt.

2- If you use more tissue in a public washroom than you do at home, you are a potential thief, if given opportunity you would take what’s not yours.

3- If you serve yourself more food that you can finish just because someone else is footing the bill, you’re greedy.

4- If you usually jump queues, you have potential for abusing office if given a powerful position.

5- If you are more concerned about knowing someone’s surname rather than first name, you’re likely to be a tribal bigot. It’s even worse when someone tells you their name and you ask, “which tribe is that?”

6- If you usually overlap while in traffic jam or have no regard for traffic lights, then you would easily embezzle public funds if you’re given a position at a public office since you hate regulation .

7- If you channel waste or dirty water from your compound to a neighbour’s compound rather than manage it, you’re ill-mannered. You are likely to invade a neighbouring state if you are made head of your state.

8- If you stumble on a sharply critical Biblical verse or a literary paragraph while reading and you close and dump the book aside, you are a potential, hypocritical dictator!

9- If you condemn corruption but defend its practitioners just because they are from your party or your tribe, you are worse than that public thief.

10- If you look at this post and wonder whether it was really necessary to talk about these issues; then you are dishonest and you would easily cover up ills in the society for your own benefit.

Let us try to be people of character wherever we are

*Shared as received *

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