What will people say?

By Alier Kingdom

This is the question that bothers an acquaintance of mine. At 27, he’s owned a Range Rover Sports, a couple of unreliable businesses in town, lived in upmarket neighborhoods, hang out with the creme of Juba society, and had the kind of life that any average 27 year-old would kill for.

But at 28, he’s lost it all. The car is gone, the house is gone, the businesses are gone, the friends he used to buy liquor are gone. What remains is him, his family, and stories of a lavish past. He has to build his life afresh.

What will people say?

Some of you might have watched the film “The Wolf of Wallstreet” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. But do you know this motion picture was a script out of the life of a real person? By the age of 33, Jordan Ross Belfort’s Securities Trading Firm was involved in stock issues totalling over $1 billion.

He owned properties in Malibu, flew Private jets, bought a private yatch for his wife, partied with Hollywood celebrities. Then at 38, he lost it all and went to prison -lost everything that he had.

What will people say?

I’ll tell you what people will say. People will laugh with you when you’re doing well and laugh at you when you lose it all. That’s what people do. And they’ll never change.

But why give a damn about what people say? It is okay to rebuild your life. It is okay to start a fresh. It is okay to go back to your parents’ house at 28 because you’ve lost it all.

What will people say? Nothing that can add value to your life. Shut people out. Work on your life.

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